How’s your everyday health?

How’s your everyday health?

Apparently the good old food pyramid can't be interpreted as loosely as we’d like.

By Cancer Council Queensland | 17th February 2016

Whether your weakness is cupcakes or pork steaks, most of us find temptation hard to resist. And when we think about eating a well-rounded diet, some of us think of doughnuts.

We know that certain foods are “bad” and others are “good”, but how often do we put our knowledge into practice? And what about the finer details, such as recommended guidelines for daily consumption of kilojoules, fibre, sodium, or red meat? Does a serve of fries really count as a serve of vegetables?

For most of us, the details are daunting, and eating a healthy balanced diet is a constant struggle. Now a new survey is searching for the answers to make everyday health easier.

Cancer Council Queensland’s Everyday Health Survey is the first survey of its kind to evaluate individual diet and lifestyle habits focusing on factors such as nutrition, food marketing, and consumer psychology and behaviour.

The aim of the survey is to inform the development of targeted strategies so that CCQ can better assist you and your family with living healthier, happier, and cancer free lives.

Do you get a sudden craving for Coco Pops every time the cereal appears on special in a spectacular stack at the end of aisle three? If so, this survey is for you. Your input will help give a snapshot of how Queenslanders make diet and lifestyle choices, how they access information about healthy eating and what changes they would like to see in the community to improve overall wellbeing.

Understanding the biggest barriers to healthy eating is a crucial part of helping us take action and improve outcomes, reducing the risks of cancer and other chronic diseases. Up to a third of all cancers are preventable through healthy lifestyle choices including eating healthily, maintaining a healthy weight and being active. About 65 per cent of Queensland adults are overweight or obese – with current trends showing that around three million Queenslanders will be overweight or obese by 2020.

To help achieve a healthy diet, it’s recommended that we all enjoy at least five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit a day, wholegrains that are high in fibre, lean meats, reduced-fat dairy products and no more than six teaspoons of sugar a day.

The Everyday Health Survey will highlight the main factors encouraging Queenslanders to make unhealthy eating decisions, so that Cancer Council Queensland can develop targeted strategies to help individuals live healthier, happier and more empowered lives.

This is your opportunity to tell them what you think about health guidelines, consumer behaviour, and junk food marketing to children. To take part complete the short survey before February 29, 2016.

Cancer Council’s Everyday Health Survey is open to all Queenslanders aged 18 and over. Participants can request a copy of survey findings once they complete the anonymous survey. A free answer sheet, health tips, and recipe are also available to participants.

More information about Cancer Council Queensland is available via 13 11 20 or

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Article by Cancer Council Queensland

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