How to Negotiate a Pay Rise Today

How to Negotiate a Pay Rise Today

If you want to be a #girlboss, let them know what you’re worth.

By Pheobe Tully | 29th March 2016

Would you ask for a pay rise? How much are you worth? A million bucks (obvi), but would you actually ask your boss for it? Research shows that only 12 per cent of women have actually negotiated for a better salary. What’s up with that? A shocking 83 per cent of us leave it to our employers to decide how much we are worth – and that is NOT #girlboss.

“We call this Tiara Syndrome,” says Ailsa Leacy, Acting CEO of women’s organisation YWCA Queensland. “It refers to women who work really hard, hoping that someone will come along, take notice and put a tiara on their head.”

With Tiara Syndrome, women don’t ask for a pay rise; they assume they’ll get paid fairly EVENTUALLY. Well, eventually is now. We’re sharing some tips for how you can negotiate a pay rise today:

1. Ask before you’re ready

This one’s a biggie, according to Ailsa, because you might never feel ready.
“At one of our events, Anna Bligh laughed about her own experience encouraging people to enter politics. She said that men never needed to be assured that they would be good at the job – they kind of just assumed they would be! Whereas women ALWAYS needed to be talked into taking leaps like that,” says Ailsa.
Actively pursuing higher-paying jobs than you think you may be ready for is crucial to growing in your career.

2. Work the relationships

Building relationships is crucial. There are plenty of stories about female bosses who think that because they worked hard to fight the odds, younger women should too, which is entirely unhelpful. As Taylor Swift once said in Vanity Fair, there’s a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t support one another. Before you ask for the pay rise, ensure you’ve built on all the relationships you can. Getting results in your industry is one thing, but if you haven’t taken the time to form good working relationships – with both men and women – in the office, then you could be starting off on the back foot.

3. Keep score

Take note of when you do well and keep track of what value you actually add to the company. Having a list of firm facts is very powerful, and keeps emotions out of the negotiation. With this list in hand, you can take advantage of a big win and start the conversation when you’ve just finished a big project or brought on a new client. Do keep in mind that your future plans are just as important as this list, though. You’ll get a promotion or compensation based on what you’re going to be contributing in the future, too.

4. It’s not just about the dollars

Maybe you don’t need or want a pay rise; maybe you’re nervous about asking for someone else. Is there an amazing training opportunity you’ve got your eye on, or have you been hanging for a more flexible work arrangement? Pitch these to your boss as a way of furthering your experience or enabling you to be more productive.
Finally, it’s important to think about what happens if you don’t get what you want.
“I would advise having an exit strategy,” Ailsay says. “If they won’t promote you or compensate you properly, then why would you want to stay?”

What advice would you add to this list? Head on over to Facebook and share your tips on how to negotiate for a pay rise; we love hearing from our readers!

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Article by Pheobe Tully

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