How To Get A Six-Pack

How To Get A Six-Pack

Are abs unobtainable? Sally Brouwer cuts to the chase about carving out yourself a chiseled six-pack.

By Sally Brouwer | 1st May 2014

Who's getting frustrated because they seem to be able to lose weight but never off their belly???

You eat well, you exercise, you do your crunches, but you still have that annoying roll that just doesn't want to budge.

I have good news and bad news - I'll give you the bad first.

1. We are all made up differently and we all store fat in different areas.
2. Our genetics and hormones will determine where excess fat will be deposited.
3. Females will generally store a layer of fat in the area below their belly button as a protective layer for when they are pregnant to protect the baby.
4. Males will generally store fat higher on their belly (which is worse for your health as it is around vital organs).

The good news:

1. You can lose excess fat by exercising and eating well (I realize no one wants to hear this).
2. Sit ups, crunches or any other "core" exercises WILL help strengthen and define these muscles (however, unless you lose that layer of fat covering them, you’re not going to see them).

It’s REALLY important to get your nutrition right! Eat a healthy balanced diet jam packed with vegetables and train your “core”. That's how to get a six-pack.

So what exactly is your CORE?

Your core muscles are the deep underlying network of muscles surrounding your spine helping to keep you upright. Think of them as the base to a pyramid - the stronger the base, the more stable the pyramid. If you have a weak base, and then keep trying to build your pyramid higher, you're going to keep falling down (Getting injured, tearing muscles, sore back, weak knees, joint issues...... sound familiar?)

Now a lot of professional desk-bound experts and other scientific gurus have come out recently saying that specific core work and ab exercises are a waste of time. My view is that ANY exercise has some benefit. I'm not saying that 100 crunches a day will give you a six-pack, but I am saying that core exercises are beneficial to your overall health.

In summing up....

If you want a six pack eat a lot of raw food, stay away from processed crap, drink loads of water, AND DO SOME SITUPS :)


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Article by Sally Brouwer


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