16 Housewarming Gift Ideas For Any Kind Of Friend

16 Housewarming Gift Ideas For Any Kind Of Friend

…And when you’re told to not bring anything.

By Sophie Venz | 24th April 2019

Let’s face it: buying presents for our friends, family, and loved ones can sometimes be a bit of a mission. Some big life events are pretty simple to buy for, like getting a promotion – flowers and a bottle of bubbles? Sorted. Housewarmings, on the other hand, are The MOST difficult celebration present-wise. One-size certainly does not fit all, so we’ve found a bunch of different gifts for a bunch of different friends to make your next housewarming gift-buying experience an absolute breeze!

The Miss Independent Teen

Picture this: your friend has just moved out of home for the first time, away from the creature comforts of parental guidance (as in, food on the table every single night.) Whether it’s for university, for a job, or simply just because, new-found independence brings with it many things…but a lot less kitchen appliances. Try these gifts for Miss Independent:

A Kettle

We can assure you a kettle is at the bottom of your friends ‘moving-out’ list, so grab one for them; you can even throw in a set of mugs, teacups, or a matching toaster as well!


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Vanity Mirror

Moving into a share-house means a shared bathroom, so make-up will be getting done in the comfort of the bedroom. A mirror with in-built lining is the perfect glow-up!


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Indoor Plant

Indoor plants are the perfect aesthetic to every room, but if you’re friend is a little on the forgetful side of life, choose a plant that doesn’t need to be watered regularly (or even at all!).


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Kitchen Scales

It takes a few years of culinary experience to guess how much butter would make up two-hundred grams. If this is your friends first time cooking for themselves, we can assure you a set of scales will be their new best friend.


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The Twenty-Something City Slicker

Your friend has lived out of home for a little while now, or at least isn’t as clueless as Alicia Silverstone was in the film. They’re maturing, and so are their tastes and homewares, so bring along a gift that combines practicality and elegance:

A Candle or Incense

Who doesn’t love the sweet scent of happiness? A luxury candle or incense will bring ambience into your city-slicker friends’ new place, and the beautiful scent will always remind them of you.


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Spice Rack

There’s nothing worse than not being able to find the right spice to perfect a recipe, or accidentally mistaking cinnamon for cumin. Make sure your friend never has this experience with a simple, organised spice rank.


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Recipe Book

With spices comes food… and that means new recipes. A recipe book, especially one that focusses on one-pot or one-pot wonders will be its own wonder as a housewarming gift!


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Customised Doormat

Bring your own personalise touch to the new place with a customised, designed doormat. Your friend may not have thought of one, but they’ll definitely be glad to leave all the dirt at the door!


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The Wedding Bells

They’re all loved up and home to their new humble abode. Whether they’ve already tied the knot or are in the midst of planning the big day, these perfect housewarming gifts will help make sure this new power couple are the most organised friends you’ll have:

A Tea Display

Help the happy couple find their happiness every single morning: by easily locating their tea and caffeine. A tea and coffee display drawer allows for plenty of efficiency.


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Cheese-Board Set

Everything is made better with cheese, so let your friends throw the best events in town by gifting them with a beautiful, hand-crafted cheese-board set – and bring along some brie to devour while you’re at it!


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Wine Decanter

Nothing screams a housewarming party like a bottle of wine, so why not bring a long something a little extra? A decanter will let the wine breath while you chat, and will make the perfect addition to the couple’s collection.


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Pottery Serving Bowl

You can’t make friends with salad, but you can enjoy a salad with friends. A handcrafted pottery serving bowl with a matching cutlery set is a must-have for loved-up couples who want to play host to all their friends!


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The Baby Bump

There’s about to be another pair of legs running around, which means the house is going to need some serious changes! Whether your friends have moved to a bigger home in anticipation of the arrival or are relocating somewhere to raise their family, these gifts certainly won’t go astray:

Height Chart

Anyone with a new baby will be bombarded with gifts of clothes, diapers, and pacifiers. Gift your friend something a little more personable like a height chart for them to track the growth of their little human over all the years to come.


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Coffee Machine

It’s a simple equation: new baby = no sleep = lots of caffeine. For the caffeine hit complete with convenience, buy a simple coffee maker that the new parents can use at any time of day (or night!).


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A Book Shelf

New parents probably won’t be doing a lot of spare-time reading, but that doesn’t mean they won’t stop buying books for themselves and the little-one! Purchase a simple bookshelf for them to adore and store all of their novels.


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A Pamper Kit

When the time does come for some rest and relaxation, your friend will love to have a luxury bath set waiting and ready for them! Buy a gift box from your favourite spa company complete with bath-bombs, crystals, and cleansing lotions.


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Article by Sophie Venz

Soph is a Gold Coast girl born-and-bred, who thinks there’s always a reason to celebrate… or is just always looking for an excuse to drink champagne. If she’s not lost in a daydream or the latest bestseller crime novel, Soph is planning her next overseas adventure. She believes tea is the cure to everything and that cheese is a suitable meal replacement, and will never go a day without consuming a copious amount of them both.


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