How to Host a Eurovision Party

How to Host a Eurovision Party

In honour of Australia competing in the Eurovision song contest this year, we’ve got your guide to having the best Eurovision party you can!

By Guest Styler | 13th May 2015

By Lucy White

Australia loves Eurovision, and now we can safely say that Eurovision loves us. Because even though we’re about as far away from Europe as you can possibly get, we’re competing in Eurovision this year.

You know what that means?! Inviting all of your friends over for the big finale event, learning the words to Tonight Again off by heart, and dining out on European dishes while dressed as a competing country. At least that’s my plan for May 24.

The Australian broadcaster, SBS, has shown a great deal of support for the ESC over the years, and as a reward for our love of Eurovision the competition organisers have extended the invitation to Australia to participate in this year’s event. Because we’re special, this means that along with the ‘Big 5’ (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK), and the host country (last year’s winner, Austria), we get to go straight through to the final.

The Eurovision grand final (and all of your Eurovision viewing parties), will air on May 24, 7.30pm AEST. The competition will actually be held on May 23 in Austrian time, which means it will first air live around 5am AEST, May 24.


The rules (guidelines) for a Eurovision party are simple:

- Pick a country to represent
- Dress in the style of that country
- Prepare a dish from that country
- Have fun!


There are 40 countries in total competing in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, which means there are a lot of options to choose from. Your country doesn’t have to be in the final, just competing in the competition.

The idea behind choosing a country means that you dress up in the style of that country (lederhosen, Vikings, ABBA, whatever floats your longship), and cook a dish that represents your chosen country. For example, you may choose to dress as a Greek philosopher and make baklava if you choose Greece.

Spoiler alert, friends: I’m planning to go as Sweden. I’ll make St Lucia Buns and wear a Viking helmet.


Your Eurovision Party is yours to design and you can do whatever you want with it. But here are some tips you’ll need to help the night go smoothly.

- Drink responsibly! 
Eurovision is on Sunday night so many of your guests will likely have work the next day, and some of those German beers can be pretty strong, but devising a Eurovision drinking game is essential (Someone winked at the camera? Drink. Host has an outfit change? Drink. Fireworks? DRINK.)
- Do your homework! 
If you’re hosting the party, then you’ll want to know what’s going on. Watch the semi finals and do a bit of research on this year’s entries so you can throw out a few fun facts for the people.
This is the most important tip - do not lose that remote. If someone wants to turn it up when Electro Velvet (UK) comes on and they accidentally change the channel (rookie error), make sure you’re on hand to get Eurovision back on!

Eurovision Song Contest – Grand Final
SBS, May 24.
Live from 5am AEST.
Encore screening 7.30pm AEST.


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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