5 Ways We’re Turning Our Homes Into Cozy Havens This Winter

5 Ways We’re Turning Our Homes Into Cozy Havens This Winter

How to get hibernation ready.

By Siobhan Taylor | 26th June 2018

When the mercury drops, we immediately go into hibernation mode. Not only does the new season bring a change in weather, it also brings a change in activities and attitude. Less likely to venture far from our homes, we find ourselves curling up at and entering a bit of a hibernation.

A new season brings with it new trends and, just like fashion, our homewares begin to reflect the change in weather. We spoke with Resident Stylist Morgan Braithwaite of Homemaker the Valley to discover what she’s loving right now as an interior expert. Plus, she shared exactly how we can make the trends work for us long after winter has passed. Read on to discover every interior movement we’re embracing this season.

Minimalism Is Out (Maximalism Is In)

If the whole minimalist-Scandi-trend thing wasn’t ever really your style, you’ll be relieved to know that it’s taking a backseat this season. White-on-white rooms and grey finishes are being replaced with rich textures and bold coloured interiors – think lush olive green, deep rust red and earthy mustard tones. While white has always been a safe staple, we’re now embracing the timelessness of warm and vibrant colours. If you want to introduce colours in a more simple way, try adding a new floor rug, upholster a feature chair, or incorporate feature homewares like a large vase or artwork. Or, be a little bolder and paint your guest bedroom! The sky is the limit.

Homemaker The Valley Shows Us How To Perfect Winter Styling

James Lane Dina Broadhurst Fresh Poster $245; Adairs Home Republic Malmo Linen Teal Cushion $41.99; Adairs Mercer + Reid Bombay Navy Velvet Cushion $41.99; Oz Design Furniture Cirque Dhurrie 160cm x 230cm Wool Rug $529; Freedom Rogue 43cm alocasia plant $70; Freedom Grayson Fabric Armchair in Fire Access $699

Warm Weather Apropos

While we might be excited to cozy up and turn our homes into winter wonderlands, Morgan explains that in this warm climate it’s better to think about how you can practically style your home to keep up with the weather – no matter how cold it gets!

“Layering throws and cushions in a variety of materials (such as cotton waffle or lightweight cashmere) is an easy way to give a room the appearance of a cozy and inviting atmosphere,” she explains. To add a subtle layer of insulation in rooms with cold tiles or timber floors, adding a vintage rug or a simple jute textured rug can maintain some extra warmth. Adding floor lamps and table lamps will create lush, ambient lighting that also adds to the cozy, warm feeling on cold winter nights.

Homemaker The Valley Shows Us How To Perfect Winter Styling


5 Winter Essentials

  1. A good set of soft flannelette sheets.
  2. A statement piece of greenery. Some of the richest and most vibrant indoor plant varieties (such as Chinese Evergreen and Fiddle Leaf Figs) actually thrive and flower during the cooler months. Clearly, this is Mother Nature's way of brightening up a cold, drab day.
  3. A warm oversized-throw for the end of the sofa or a bed.
  4. A stack of books for the coffee table. Whether it’s a cookbook full of recipes you want to try or a travel book inspiring your next escape, these can be a great way to add interest and personality to a room.
  5. A full set of table linen in mixed colours and textures – we’re talking tablecloth, placemats and napkins! This is even more important in the cooler months as we move inside to entertain, as opposed to summery outdoor BBQs.
Homemaker The Valley Shows Us How To Perfect Winter Styling

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Must-Try Textures

This season is all about surprising textures that branch away from feelings of minimalism. While still timeless and elegant, these textures can be layered and utilised all year long.

  • Stonewash bedding in either cotton or linen. Stonewash bedding offers a soft, worn-in and relaxed feel to bed styling.
  • Terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo tiles have been used as flooring and in wet areas; however, it is now incorporated into furniture pieces and accessories for an all-over luxurious feeling.
  • Rattan and cane accents. Rattan is a timeless material that is intrinsic to the Queensland feel and lifestyle. This can be enhanced in the cooler months by styling your cane or rattan furniture with a knotted throw, waffle blanket or sheepskin. Morgan comments, “Mixing and matching textures and materials is a trend that I'm loving at the moment!”
Homemaker The Valley Shows Us How To Perfect Winter Styling

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Colour My Life

While we are lucky in the Sunshine State to be blessed with almost double the number of daylights hours than our Melbourne counterparts, daylight hours in winter are significantly shorter than in summer. Morgan recommends brightening up your home and adding some ambient lighting with feature table lamps and floor lamps. “Not only practical, this will also help create a warm and inviting atmosphere to your living areas.”

Homemaker The Valley Shows Us How To Perfect Winter Styling



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