Home Trend Report: Two-tone cabinets in the Kitchen

Home Trend Report: Two-tone cabinets in the Kitchen

Kitchen Trends share everything you need to know about rocking the two-tone cabinets trend this year.

By Candice Jackson | 15th July 2015

It’s the part of the home we spend most of our life in (besides our cosy bed); eating, preparing, hosting, conversing and sneakily midnight snacking.

Reinventing and re-invigorating your kitchen design can do wonders for the atmosphere in the home. A change can create space where entertainment, feasting and fun all reside, with no more, empty-promised ‘okay, I’m cominnnnnggg’ when dinner is called or fleeing when the dishes are being done (okay, so I can’t guarantee that last one. No one likes doing dishes, that’s why they invented the dishwasher). Basically, a new design aesthetic can help make your kitchen just as cosy and welcoming as a lounge room or bedroom and we’ve got the latest trend to take note of.

More and more, people are taking extra interest in home improvement, interior styling and unique décor, and in a time where reno shows reign supreme, there’s often too many trends and looks to keep up with at any given time! Luckily, we approached the general manager, Bharti Hunt from Kitchen Trends for a quick lesson in a home trend that has become over so popular (just check Pinterest!); two-tone cabinetry in the kitchen.

Here’s your cheat sheet on the two-tone cabinetry kitchen trend from Kitchen Trends:

1.    When did this trend first emerge? Why has it re-emerged now?

This look has been around for decades, but you don’t have to emulate the straight-out-of-the 70s kitchen style anymore, because it’s re-emerged as a modern kitchen trend that’s far more stylish. The look can give your kitchen a life of its own, a vibrancy or warmth it was once missing, or create a unique ‘wow’ factor that people will always comment on.

2.    What’s the best thing about this trend, in terms of design and aesthetics?

In terms of design, it can be completed as a renovation on older, vintage kitchens for a quick update or designed especially for a new custom-made kitchen with modern fixtures. Aesthetics wise, it can make a room appear larger, more welcoming or warmer with the combination of textiles, colours and finishings chosen.

3.    How many different combinations can work for two-tone cabinetry?

The options are endless, but you need to ensure it suits the style of the rest of your living spaces, especially if you have an open design that connects the kitchen to the dining or living rooms. The team at Kitchen Trends can always help you pick the perfect tonal combinations, but here are two we favour; 1. White and wood is quite neutral, while also adding warmth; 2. A splash of colour with a neutral tone can keep things bright, welcoming and interesting.

4.    What’s a definite ‘no-no’ when attempting this look?

We would say that it’s safest to avoid using two bold, clashing colours together and instead always stick to having one neutral colour to sit beside a harsh, bold or bright colour. It’s always good to consider whether the colour combination is going to match the existing (or new) wall colour and your adjoining areas, if within an open plan setting.

5.    What would be some suggestions of small finishes that would transform this trend/look?

Finishes, will finish the look, so they’re definitely important to consider while your designing your kitchen and not as an afterthought. Perhaps think of a colour that will tie the look together to use in certain pieces, or perhaps a particular metal will be beneficial to bring through the design and into your other appliances and accessories within the zone.

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen, the team at Kitchen Trends have a wealth of knowledge and an eye for style on numerous trends, including two-tone cabinetry. Head to their website to see what else they can do for you.

Just a quick note: This post is sponsored, but we only write about things we reckon you’ll think are awesome. We’re all about sharing the love here at Style, and it’s the love from sponsors that helps make that happen. Thanks for the home design inspo Kitchen Trends.

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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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