2020 Home Tech Trends: The Future Is Here!

2020 Home Tech Trends: The Future Is Here!

Are we entering the matrix?

By Georgie Murray | 28th November 2019

Not sure if you’ve heard, but we’re about to say toodles to the twenty-tens, and welcome twenty-twenty. As if that’s not scary enough (time flies when you’re having fun eh?), technology is moving faster than we could have ever dreamed…well, almost. I’m still waiting for a few things from Doc and Marty McFly to pull through. Anyway, while we may not all be living the tech fantasies of hoverboards and bionic vision of our 2000s dreams, technology has transformed the way we do simple everyday tasks. To be on-top of the tech game and welcome 2020 with twenty-twenty tech vision, check out these below trends and products you can install and use in and around your home that are set to take the next decade by storm.

Ding Dong!

A doorbell that tells you when your deliveries arrive: keep an eye on your house (and your deliveries!) with HPM’s ELIOT Connected Doorbell. Equipped with a camera, this doorbell allows you to receive pictures of who is at your door directly to your smartphone! Finally, you can get about your day and not be bunked down at home waiting for your ASOS package’s safe arrival. Photographs of visitors can be sent by push notifications and/or e-mail on several mobile devices. For music lovers, you can even download and customise your own tone – after all, who doesn’t love a bit of Old Town Road while waiting? What about Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on heavens door? The possibilities are endless. Available from leading hardware stores nationally for RRP $198.45 (RRP)


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Charged and Connected

Forget the drama of not having a compatible cable, or replacing your turtle necked charging cord every few months, as this portable wireless charging pad is every millennials dream! Free from wires, cables and adaptors, charge your smart phone easily, effortlessly and most importantly fast with this new device, no matter where you are. Plus, it’s a great contributor to your bedside aesthetic, right? The HPM Wireless Charging Pad is available from Amazon for RRP $34.98 (RRP)

Share the Sound

Portable speakers are all the rage, until you hit critical battery, or can’t hear the tunes as the party gets litty. Blast bangers with ease thanks to this Bluetooth Sound Diffusion Kit, an integrated speaker system that connects with any device via Bluetooth to the sleek and sophisticated installable speakers across your kitchen, living area and outdoor entertaining area. Yep, now Beibs can play in every room, there’s no escaping it. HPM VIVO Bluetooth Sound Diffusion Kit is available from leading hardware stores nationally for  $398.00 (RRP)

Smart and Sophisticated Shacks

Feel like a Bond, a James Bond. You have a smart phone, why not have a smart home?! Arteor with Netatmo is a collection of smart switches and sockets that make home automation simple and allow the lazy millennials inside us all to control your lights, appliances and electrical devices from anywhere using your smart phone! The app allows hundreds of tasks to be automated, such as remotely turning your hair straightener off after you’ve already run out the door, or turning your porch lights on when you’re coming home late at night. Arteor with Netatmo is also perfect for a night in of Netflix and Chilling, allowing you to turn on the TV, dim the lights and pop the popcorn all without leaving the couch. Be the smoothest of smooth and impress your date with seamless lighting. Turn the lights down low, the mood up and Netflix in the background to score a second date. The HPM Arteor with Netatmo starter kit is available from Mirtre 10 for RRP $489.00 (RRP)


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Article by Georgie Murray

Georgie is a Journalist with a knack for bad jokes and dating disasters. A total open book, there’s no topic off limits for this Rod Stewart enthusiast. Starting her career in Broadcast Journalism, Georgie has since gone back to basics of the written word with a particular love for taboo topics and fashion media.


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