Hear it from Eve Strop

Hear it from Eve Strop

Style’s nose, eyes and ears, Eve Strop, updates you on the latest musings, news and gossip of the week (June 12, 2015)

By Eve Strop | 12th June 2015

The weekend is a great time to relax, splurge and catch up with the gal pals for a gossip.

So whether you're scrolling through this article in bed (don't blame you), while you wait to order your your take-away coffee in that huuugggge line or while you're pretending to look busy so nobody awkwardly talks to you while you wait for your friends to arrive at the markets/cafe/shopping mall (because no ones ever punctual these days), I hope at least one thing catches your eye.

What you may know and what you may not know…

Game show contestants wanted

If you're an expat family, then you could win a once in a lifetime reunion in a five-star location thanks to a new BBC Game Show. Entries close June 15 and you need eight family members in total over the two continents.

Gelato Messina in Brisbane

Messina Gelato

Messina Gelato

Okay, so not permanently, but still! Gerard's Bar on James Street in New Farm are launching a Gelato Messina winter dessert collaboration this Sunday (June 14), including two exclusives creations. Yum!

New Valley food shipping container

Can we ever really have enough chicken? Of course not and that's why Lucky Egg is coming to The Valley later this month. Check out more info on the venue that will reside at The Brightside, here.


“I just really want a box to hold on to all day." Later explaining she meant a clutch...

Feel free to send me any gossip you may have – I’ll kindly read it all!
Check in with my column next week for more!
xox Eve


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Article by Eve Strop

Eve Strop is a contributor for Style Magazines. A socialite at heart, she’s always at the hottest events and is up-to-date on the happenings of Brisbane. She loves a good exclusive and juicy gossip, with oversharing being one of her greatest pastimes. Her drink of choice is an espresso martini and she can’t leave the house without at least three shades of lipstick.


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