He Said, She Said: The Comedy of Love

He Said, She Said: The Comedy of Love

When comedians get married, like Stav and Kat Davidson did, the results are bound to be funny.

By Candice Jackson | 18th November 2015

Most people tell funny stories about their partners when they’re not around. Imagine having that partner there, with a microphone, and the comedic skills to rebut… risky. – Katrina Davidson.

Local TV and radio personalities, stand-up comedians and long-time partners Stav (Hit105) and Katrina Davidson (612ABC) have many things in common; however, like any husband and wife duo, there are some things they just don’t agree on.

Stav and Kat will air their dirty and hilarious laundry and stories from their last 10 years of marriage together on stage for He Said, She Said. Was Stav’s proposal romantic or cheesy? Was their first time special or tragic? It all depends on who you ask.

Ahead of the show, we asked them to answer a few questions of our own:

Q: Our first date was…

Kat: Dinner and a movie. I can’t remember who paid; we were poor, so I’d say it would have been on a Tuesday and involved burgers.
Stav: Dinner and a movie. And yes, it was on tight-arse Tuesday!

Q: Can men and women be friends without sex getting in the way?

Kat: Yes.
Stav: Nope. Women just think they can ’cause they don’t realise the guy wants to have sex with them.

Q: Flash mob proposals are…

Kat: Gorgeous. Unless the recipient of the proposal is very shy. Then it’s excruciating watching them squirm under all that attention.
Stav: Sooo 2005…

Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing your partner has ever done?

Kat: He once had to buy new pants after an incident involving a late night and a packet of Listerine breath strips. They don’t lie when they talk about what excess consumption can do…
Stav: Kat once got up in the middle of the night and then got back into bed with my best mate by accident. We will be addressing that in the show!

Q: How competitive do each of you get about radio ratings and comedy gigs?

Kat: We don’t. We would never have made it this far if we worked like that. He works very, very hard to get the gigs he gets and deserves them.
Stav: Not very, although occasionally you get jealous about a specific gig, like when Kat supported Steven Wright; he’s one of my favourite comedians of all time!

Q: Have you ever competed for the same gig?

Kat: Yes. We auditioned together for Hit105 (formerly B105). We all know how that turned out…
Stav: Yes. We both auditioned for the Hit105 breakfast show, which I got. It was awkward for a while, but our love won out in the end!

Q: Who looks better in the morning?

Kat: He does. I have crazy hair that takes many products to restrain, and I’m always forgetting to take my makeup off before I go to bed. I look like an electrocuted panda.
Stav: She does. But this may be because I have a weird fetish for electrocuted pandas…

Q:  Who is funnier?

Kat: He has the best puns. I tell better stories. We’re funny in different ways.
Stav: I think she is funnier. Kat tells hilarious stories from our lives. I always think “I was there; that happened to me too. How did I not think of that?!?!”

He Said, She Said will be running from Thursday, December 10 to Saturday, December 12 at Brisbane Powerhouse as part of the Wonderland Festival.

We also have two VIP double passes to give away for the opening night, including meet and greets. Enter now!

He Said, She Said: Stav Davidson and Katrina Davidson


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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