2020’s Best Halloween Costumes

2020’s Best Halloween Costumes

If you’ve got it, haunt it!

By Kate von Euw and Melissa Myrteza | 20th October 2020

Scary or cute? 80s or 90s throwback? Nurse but make it sexy? Yep you guessed it – it’s that indecisive time of year again and there ain’t no basic witches around here! Time to pull out your most frightening mask (and no, we don’t mean those pandemic related) and scare away the likes of 2020. Speaking of which, we’ve collated the most iconic tricks and treats of the year, Halloween costume-style.   

Forget the witch hat and the devil tail you and your bestie did when you were 14, we’re talking about 2020’s abundance of pop culture references – Tiger King, WAP Kylie Jenner-style and all. That’s right, our October imprint question was ‘What’s the best Halloween costume for 2020?’ and we didn’t hold back. Check out what our Stylers are hitting the streets dressed as this year! Get out there and shake your boo-ty!

1. Donald Trump

As chosen by Style’s General Manager, Paul Johnston, would Halloween 2020 really be Halloween without a Trump dress-up? And the best part? It’s totally DIY friendly! All you’ll need are the following items: three facial coats of Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Ultra Dark, a red cap and tie, and that bottle of hair bleach you’ve been safekeeping under the sink in case of an emergency breakdown. Oh! And don’t forget the must-have Trump accessory: edible hand sanitiser. We recommend Flora and Fauna’s Edible Beauty Hand Sanitiser with Colloidal Silver.

2. Tiger King and Carole Baskin


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What better couple dress up then two of 2020’s most iconic characters? Our Deputy Editor Fiona Williams graced us with this wicked idea. Gals, if you’re into the whole Aussie male mullet look (sorry, can’t relate) then this one’s for you. The ideal candidates for Tiger King must be able to rock a blonde mullet, a tucked in flannie and LOUD boots. Carole, of course, just needs a leopard print get-up, a blonde wig and that guilty look in her eyes.

3. Security guard

We give you the elite hotel quarantine specialist, as suggested by Style Editor, Tracy Sinclair. Commonly found in local costume stores such as The Costume Company and online at Amazon, there’s no doubt you’ll secure some looks in this one. ‘Tis the season for controversy!

4. Kylie Jenner WAP

Unless you’ve slept your way through 2020, you’ve probably heard (or heard of) Megan Thee Stallion’s latest single, WAP. Looking for the ultimate girl-boss Halloween costume? Then look no further than Style Photographer, Corrina Louise’s suggestion: Kylie Jenner’s WAP get-up. Sexy nurses are sooo 2019.

5. Moira Rose

Fear not, she hath risen! Leave it to Stylers to bring Schitts Creek into the mix. Breaking a record in Emmy history with the show cleaning up every single comedy award up for grabs, Moira has never been more relevant. And Social Media Coordinator Mel predicts it’s going to be a go-to costume this year! How to channel the satirical queen, herself? Grab yourself some black leather, a white top, excessive amounts of jewellery, bright red lippy and an outrageous wig. RSVP as pending and go around on the night demanding, “This wine is awful, get me another glass!” It’s honestly a fail-safe!

6. Karen

It wouldn’t be a 2020 reference if Karen wasn’t asking to speak to the manager. Operations Manager Rebecca Cattell is hot on this trend, knowing all it takes to create this look is a blonde pixie cut wig, a people mover, and dagger eyes itching to find a fault in the system. Apologies future generations for ruining that name for you!     

7. Pandemic References   

It was bound to come out and we’re not even sorry about it. This one comes to you from Digital Content Coordinator Tai Johnston and Content Manager Courtney Frank. What will you need? A biohazard suit and a DIY hand sanitiser bottle. For the 18+ version, just know there are ways to make this a little naughtier. We’ll leave it there.

8. Homemade Pink Hair

Last, but certainly not least, that iso hair experiment gone wrong is just the nightmare we’re digging this Halloween. This one’s brought to you by Style’s epic intern, Kate von Euw! Whoever said you need a full costume to make a statement clearly never met a bottle of pink hair dye! Achieve the ultimate frightening look with Schwarzkopf’s Live Colour Ultra Brights Shocking Pink Dye.

Want more? Read the rest of our costume ideas here.

Happy creepin’ Style lovers!


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Article by Kate von Euw and Melissa Myrteza

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style


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