It’s that time of year again, stargazers! Halloween approacheth, and this year we are looking to our astrological signs to help us choose our Halloween costume. To truly represent your unique sign, we’ve selected the best costumes for each sign in the zodiac. It’s written in the stars.

Halloween CostumeYou’re a showstopper! A natural entertainer and the life of the party, you don’t shy away from the public eye. Run with that idea this year with a starlet-inspired costume that shows off your diva-side. Whether it’s iconic music-video inspired looks from pop queens Beyonce and Taylor Swift, or an off-duty street style look from the most glamorous of women (Rihanna, obviously), you’ll be the centre of attention this Halloween. After all, who wouldn’t want to be Rihanna even for just one night?
Examples: Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, RihannaHalloween Costume

Halloween CostumeForget “damsel in distress”: you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t need anybody to save her because you’re too busy kicking ass. You are naturally adventurous, a little bit daring, and not afraid of anything. You may be a bit moody at times and a little bit enigmatic, but that just makes you even more enticing. Embody these Taurus-defining characteristics and dress up as an action-hero (or anti-hero) this Halloween.
Examples: Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Lara CroftHalloween Costume3_GeminiThere’s a duality to you, Gemini, that makes you a bit of a mystery to everyone who meets you. You have a frantic energy that means who move from one task to the next with lightning speed, often leaving others in your wake. By day you’re no odder than anyone else, but by night you’re known for being a little otherworldly, quirky, and at times peculiar. This year you should totally lean into that perception and transform into the sci-fi heroine we all know you are inside.
Examples: Rey (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Eleven (Stranger Things), Black WidowHalloween Costume4_CancerYou’re known for having a bit of a nostalgic-streak and never miss the chance to post a #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday pic. Whether it’s dominating karaoke with a JT-worthy rendition of *NSYNCs Bye Bye Bye or rocking our fave ‘90s trends, you’re a champion of the “throwback costume”. Go for something ultra-iconic this year, such as Cher & Dionne from Clueless, or go a little more classic with throwbacks to our fave ladies of the ’90s, Courtney Love and Winona Ryder.
Examples: Courtney Love, Cher and Dionne (Clueless), Winona RyderHalloween Costume5_LeoIn your friendship group, you’re the one everyone goes to for advice and support. Wise beyond your years, you guide your friends with equal parts motherly-love and sassy-attitude. You’re a strong AF woman who is effortlessly cool and naturally in charge. To be honest, we wouldn’t expect anything less as the lion is the king of the jungle. Your costume should reflect this part of your nature and pay tribute to all your favourite, iconic feminist heroes (fictional and otherwise).
Examples: Lil Kim, Rose McGowan, Frida KahloHalloween Costume6_VirgoThere’s no one busier than you, my Virgo friend. You’re always busy with different tasks and never one to say no to extra work (side note, you should probably work on that). With a million things on your mind, it’s no surprise that, in true Virgo form, you’ve left your costume to the last minute. Luckily you’re not totally unprepared though, as there are so many costumes you can whip up quick and easy using items you either already have or can easily get your hands on. No one will be any the wiser.
Examples: Holly Golightly, Cruella de Vil, Wednesday AddamsHalloween Costume7_LibraWhen people want to have fun, they look to you, Libra. You are always the life of the party and the first person people go to when they are looking for a good time! Young at heart and a bit immature, your youthful playfulness make you so endearing and so loved by all your friends. When people tell you to grow-up, you just tell them to step-off. Let your inner-child out this Halloween with a get-up inspired by some of your favourite childhood characters.
Examples: Sailor Moon, Velma (Scooby Doo), Ms FrizzleHalloween Costume8_ScorpioWhen it comes to gossip, memes, and everything in between, you’re basically a genius. Nothing happens without you hearing about it. Super savvy and clued into everything that’s going on, this Halloween you should let your inner-pop culture nerd out with an outfit inspired by the biggest moments in pop-culture this year. Whether it’s the pregnancy announcement that broke the internet or allllll the meme-worthy moments from the biggest animated show of the year (“I’m Pickle Riiickkkk!”), your outfit will be the one everyone is talking about.
Examples: Daenerys Targaryen, Beyoncé, Rick and MortyHalloween Costume9_SagittariusYou’re known for being a little over the top, always bold, and an explosion of colour. You are drawn to things that are sparkly and bright and have no patience for anything boring, which might explain why your personality is equally exciting. When you walk into the room, people notice you! While some might find you distracting, you couldn’t care less. You’re too busy being an absolute rainbow of delight. Go bright and bold this year, Sagittarius!
Example: Lisa Frank Unicorn, Bowie, Ruth Wilder (GLOW)Halloween Costume10_CapricornYou’re not one to shy away from the dark, Capricorn. A little grim and mysterious, you’re drawn to things that are eerie and confronting and have a bit of a reputation for being just as quirky as you are fearless. It’s not all skulls and crossbones though. While you love to explore darker things and can be a little grim, this doesn’t mean you aren’t playful and charming. You just express yourself in a different way, in true Capricorn form. Channel your dark side this year and opt for something super horrifying. After all, what else is Halloween for if not to terrify?
Examples: Carrie, Pennywise, SkeletonHalloween Costume11_AquariusA little classic and a touch minimalistic (or maybe just lazy?), you’re not one to go overboard on anything, Water Bearer. Whether it’s letting others take the lead or simply your mellow attitude, you prefer to go with the flow and let things unfold as they may. Turn to classic films and your favourite tv shows this year for your Halloween inspiration, and take queues from iconic, easy-to-style characters that will make you instantly recognisable (with minimal effort).
Examples: Pulp Fiction, Daria, RiverdaleHalloween Costume12_PiscesThere’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your friends. Whether it’s bringing them soup when they are sick, sitting up with them to fight post-breakup blues, or sharing them on Insta as your #WomenCrushWednesday, you are there for your girls through thick and thin. You are fiercely loyal and adore no one more than your girl squad, so why not make it a group costume this year? Whether it’s the ultimate girl-gang, the Spice Girls, or our favourite supermodels, there’s no better way to show off your loyalty.
Examples: Plastics (Mean Girls), Spice Girls, Naomi Campbell + Kate Moss (Super Models)Halloween Costume

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