Guy Sebastian Reveals Why His New Album Is His Most Personal Yet

Guy Sebastian Reveals Why His New Album Is His Most Personal Yet

After taking some time to reflect on his recent mental and physical evolution, Guy Sebastian takes his sound to new levels on his forthcoming album, Conscious.

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 2nd November 2017

When you think of Australian talent shows, people are quick to assume that when the newfound stars find fame that it will only last 15 minutes. But after Guy Sebastian rose to fame as the first Australian Idol winner in 2003, no one could’ve imagined that the unique and incredible talent would go on to become the only Australian male artist to have ever achieved six number one and two number one albums in chart history.

Over the course of his incredible music career, Guy has had massive success both at home and internationally, but after a recent mental and physical evolution, the husband and father of two are back with his 10th studio album, Conscious which he says one of his most creative projects to date.

We chat to Guy about his forthcoming album and what we can expect from his upcoming tour.

How has the creative process of Conscious differed to your previous albums?
I wanted to push my sound to new places so I tried new things. I switched over from Logic to Ableton (Music software) and also sought out new synths and sounds to try and create a soulful blend of organic instruments sitting within an electronic landscape. I switched up my music software and also sought out new synths and sounds to try and create a soulful blend of organic instruments sitting within an electronic landscape. I have teamed up with some great producers mostly local and also produced some tracks on my own which really pushed me past my self-doubt. I guess something else to add is that I spent way longer on this project than any other before it. I wanted to get it right. The release date got pushed back but I’m glad I didn’t settle until I was really happy with it.

You’re kicking all kinds of goals at the moment. How do you think your recent mental and physical goals have fuelled your upcoming album?
It definitely went hand in hand. I’ve trained my body pretty hard of late. In all honesty, I nearly gave up so many times, especially at the start of my training program because of ongoing injuries from years of playing AFL and cricket. I pushed through the pain and saw a physiotherapist a couple of times a week and eventually worked my body to a point where strangely my core was strong to support my injuries and now I have no pain! When I wanted to give up during a high-intensity workout I would actually say to myself “cmon dude keep going if you don’t give up on this then later today you won’t give up in the studio when you hit a wall!” I guess it taught me to be more disciplined and have a better work rate.

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High On Me has a distinct new sound and upbeat vibe. What else can fans expect from the other tracks on Conscious?
It’s definitely a lot more R&B/soul electronica than anything I’ve done before at least since my second album “Beautiful Life”.

With plans to hit the road in November for the Conscious tour, what can audiences expect from your new show?
Definitely my most creative and soulful tour thus far with particular attention paid to the translation of the intricate sounds from the album to the live stage. Basically, it’s going to sound pretty sick instrumentally and with Gary and Carmen on background vocals, of course, the vocals will be on point!!

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With an impressive career behind you, as well as killer collaborations with the likes of Lupe Fiasco to homegrown feats including Like a Version with Paces. Can we expect any upcoming collabs from you in the future?
Definitely in the future. I am discovering so many different musicians and artists through streaming and social media and I really want to introduce my audience to some music they may never have discovered.

What do you think is key to creating the best music you can while balancing your important roles as a husband, father and Sebastian Foundation founder?
Family and loved ones ALWAYS come first no matter what. What I do has some pretty unique challenges but I think as a family we can get through anything because we love each other so much. For me, the key is to make sure the time I spend with my family is focused. They need to know that when I am with them I am real with them and not thinking constantly about work and writing etc because it’s easy as a creative person to get very distracted! Is it easy to juggle? Definitely not. There’s no denying that having a family means I have to sacrifice certain opportunities but they will never mean more than keeping my family safe and loved.

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What is the inspiration behind Conscious?
The last few years have been a real time of evolution for me, both mentally and physically. I think I have finally taken some time to reflect and learned to appreciate. I definitely feel more conscious and its come through in my music.

What’s next for Guy Sebastian?
I’m going to campaign to fight McGregor I want some of that Mayweather coin.

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