We’ve gone from minimalists to naturalists in a short space of time. With the change in trends, some have fallen behind and given up, scared that indoor plants are a bigger commitment than children. We’re here to tell you that they aren’t. Indoor plants are your organic air purifiers, ready to help you breathe easy and sleep easy. We’ve created a beginner’s guide to indoor plants, with spacing, watering, and other tips to choose the right plants for your home!

From transparent glass ‘pots’ that you can propagate roots in, to face pots whose hair you choose depending on the plant’s foliage, green trends like everything, are growing and changing. Who needs babies when you can have plants? Put some Tash Sultana on and get planning. Welcome to the jungle!

Space Savers



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A terrarium is a stellar alternative to big plants. These little fellas are temperature controlled when they have a lid, meaning its chances of survival DOUBLE. While you can buy some pretty majestic looking terrariums, they make a crafty DIY activity for the adventurous! Choose the best-sized glass container for your space.
Care: A light spritz every few weeks, but don’t overwater me!

String of Hearts | Ceropegia Woodii


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Everyone is loving the String of Pearls, but we are all about the String of Hearts! This stunning little hanger is a vine lover’s dream. Why wouldn’t you want little love hearts dangling around your indoor space? She’s durable and easy to care for – the ultimate combination for indoor plants. Hang, dangling from the ceiling for a space-saver option!
Care: Water when the soil dries out, about once a week!

Air Plant | Tillandsia


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The air plant is exactly what you think it is. Devoid of soil, this tolerable little plant literally lives on air and an occasional misting. That’s right, no soil or pot required! Get crafty with your placement because it can literally go anywhere!
Care: After a shower, shake your plant to remove excess water and let dry out.

Chinese Money Plant | Pilea Peperomioides


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This native Chinese plant is in high demand, meaning high prices and difficult to find. But when you do make the investment, it will be well worth it. With little circular leaves, they are super easy to propagate and look stunning when grouped together. For a small plant, they bush out nicely and best of all, they symbolise abundance and good fortune! Pop him in a little pot and watch him grow tall.
Care: Bright, indirect sunlight, drying out the soil between watering’s. Rotate weekly to avoid drooping!

Tall & Lean

The Ponytail Palm | Beaucarnea Recurvata


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The Ponytail Palm is an instant addition to any indoor space. With a beautifully rounded base, long thin body and mop head, this guy deserves a spacious pot in a sunny spot. A lover of heat, it’s right at home in our tropical temperatures.
Care: Water when soil completely dries out.

Bird of Paradise | Strelitzia Nicolai


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These wide leaved trees make an epic statement against any white wall. Growing as tall as your pot size allows, they are lovers of bright indirect light and provide some serious tropical vibes, similar to a banana tree. Foliage is everything!
Care: Maintain moist but well-drained soil, watering once a week.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig | Ficus lyrate


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Fiddle-Leaf Fig trees feature large vivid green leaves with prominent veins. Their popularity stems from their sturdiness and natural beauty. Sitting tall and proud, these fella’s will grow as big as you desire, depending on their pot size.
Care: Water when soil dries out, about once a week.


The Snake Plant | Sansevieria Trifasciata


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Even on the brink of death, this slithering succulent can be revived with a touch of nourishment. They can thrive in full sun or even low sun, but they prefer indirect light. The print of its tall, textured leaves is as aesthetic as a snake’s skin. He’s popping up in so many indoor areas than once you’re familiar with him, you’ll spot him everywhere!
Care: Neglect! Well-drained soil that dries out between watering’s, being careful not to overwater.

Swiss Cheese Plant | Monstera Deliciosa


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Monstera plants are well-known for their large, holey leaves and for their low-maintenance. They are a go-to feature plant that can enhance your space instantly. From the bedside to the living room, placement isn’t ever an issue here. While they can take up a bit more space when they’re grown with their reaching leaves, it will be worth every inch.
Care: Warm interior and moist soil.

The Rubber Tree | Ficus Elastica


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The Rubber Tree can have deep green monochrome leaves or variegated varieties with white or pink streaks. The rareness and beauty of these colour streaks make up for their more temperamental nature. Regardless of the colour, their glossy sheen gives reason to its name. With a long red flower in the middle, they make a stunning addition to an office space and will grow to the size of your pot!
Care: During the growing season keep the soil moist, but don’t overwater in dormant seasons. He loves a good misting and being placed in a spot with plenty of indirect light.

Bathroom Heroes

Aloe Vera


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Aloe There! Not only is this long-stemmed beauty a super medicinal ingredient for any DIY face mask but it thrives in the moist environment of your bathroom. It is the ultimate au naturel cure for any itch, bite or inflammation, so its super handy to have nearby. There are a few different types and shapes, so choose the best-suited plant for your space!
Care: A good spritz when its soil is dry.

Peacock Plant | Calathea Makoyana


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There are SO many stunning types of Calathea’s, with baby pink veins to gorgeous green stripes. Their main feature is their tropical, patterned leaves and a burgundy under-leaf. Best of all, they actually wave you goodnight! Yes, when PM strikes, their leaves withdraw. They are aesthetic and will improve any room.
Care: High humidity (hence, bathroom). Keep the soil moist, in a bright spot but out of direct light and mist frequently.

Bamboo | Bambusoideae


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Soil isn’t essential when growing bamboo. Freshwater replaced every few weeks will see these shoots literally shoot up. Train them upwards and in the shapes that you want, and you’ll have one happy looking bathroom plant.
Care: Low light, basking in the humidity of your bathroom.


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