The Great Oscars Snub – Does Leo deserve the statue?

The Great Oscars Snub – Does Leo deserve the statue?

I’m wondering: is Leo’s lack of Oscar legitimate or is it just a giant PR campaign?

By Guest Styler | 27th February 2014

Whether he’s sketching Kate Winslet with that irresistible lock of hair brushing his brow or snorting illicit substances from a lady’s derrière, Leonardo DiCaprio has endeared a whole generation of ladies (and then some). And yet since he graced our screens more than two decades ago, he has yet to claim that one award that eludes him: the Oscar; that beautiful, coveted award, taunting him; glinting at him from afar.

A close up image of an Oscars statue

Where for art thou, Oscar?
CC image courtesy of Davidlohr Bueso on Flickr

You know what I think? He’s been robbed. Robbed,  for far too long. Robbed of accolades for the slew of roles that he has dominated, owned and reinvented.

Some could perhaps brush over his depiction of a disenchanted husband in Revolutionary Road or his alienating yet alluring portrayal of Billy, an academy dropout-come-undercover cop and antihero in The Departed. But how can you deny him golden, Oscar-worthy glory as Jay Gatsby? As Romeo, when his eyes are brimming with grief and hate as he glides towards Juliet’s lifeless body? As Hoover – SERIOUSLY, as one of the U.S.’s most prominent historic personalities?

Sometimes I think it’s all a ruse; a joke that even Leo is in on. How can someone adopt so many momentous roles and not snag an Oscar, not even a ‘Best Supporting Actor’? (He has been nominated, but never taken out the gong.) Perhaps it’s all just a giant PR campaign masquerading as the ‘Great Snubbing of Leonardo DiCaprio' to build buzz and workroom chatter so that people remain interested in awards season… not that indifference towards the Oscars is an issue for anyone in our office.

Close up of Leonardo DiCaprio's face

Poor Leo
CC image courtesy of Siebbi on ipernity

Now I’m not saying that if you act in “X” amount of movies, you deserve an award for merely being persistent. But I feel Leo has gained merit and some significant credibility for his acting prowess over the last 25 years (yep, he had his first spot in a Lassie film in 1989, according to IMDB). He’s obviously passionate (did you see all the spit flying around during his emblazoned speeches as Jordan Belfort?), he’s garnered this longstanding rep for really outstanding films, and yet he still is missing that one little gold statue to justify all these years of hard work. Although, one could argue he’s had plenty of bronzed statuesque types given the amount of supermodels that have tickled his fancy.

But seriously, the guy’s been nominated for various awards 92 times, four of them being for an Oscar (fifth time’s the charm?). He’s won two Golden Globes and been in his fair share of blockbusters. The guy’s gotten around, so to speak.

Not that it will make any tangible difference, but I’ll be tuned in to the Oscars and rooting for Leo. It’s time guys, it’s just time.

One thing I know for sure…I’ll never let go Jack Leo…I’ll never let go!


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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