Start Your New Year With A Fresh Mind And New Goals With Grace And Grind

Start Your New Year With A Fresh Mind And New Goals With Grace And Grind

Up your game.

By Laura Frendon | 18th January 2019

While many of us have career hopes and dreams at a young age, it’s fairly common to end up in a career or lifestyle-rut that doesn’t fulfill us. Grace and Grind’s career and life coach, Suzanne Williams, knows the struggle well and spends her days helping others find a new direction in their life. Suzanne knows that every situation is different and tailors her service to each individual.

What advice do you have for those who don’t know where to start?
People often want to change industries and careers but don’t know where to begin. They worry it will mean starting from the bottom and aren’t sure what skills they have that are transferrable to other roles. Sometimes a fear of change can be due to investing heavily in a past career, so changing feels like a waste of past study and work – but this is not the case. For example, a lawyer, who even though despises their job, continues to work in the field as they’ve invested four years of study and many more years working in the field.

How would you guide those who no longer believe in what they do?
It’s common to get to a point and realise that you’ve sacrificed life at the expense of work. Gaining more purpose in your work, feeling a sense of contributing to something bigger than yourself, and creating new priorities can help people gain some perspective. There comes a point where people realise that working excessively and slaving away at a job doesn’t necessarily offer fulfillment.

How do you encourage people to take a step up in their career?
Many lack confidence in their ability to do their job well, and often feel an overwhelming sense of self-doubt. In reality, most of this negative self-talk is built upon a rocky foundation and not even remotely true. The trick is using some well-established techniques to help people build their confidence, know their worth, and know the value they offer.

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Article by Laura Frendon

Laura grew up in North Queensland but has been living in Brisbane for the past 4 years. In her spare time she doubles as a Broncos Cheerleader and before she became a Journalist, she was a freelance dancer and teacher, performing professionally in Melbourne.


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