The Ultimate Flower Gift Guide For Every Girl In Your Life

The Ultimate Flower Gift Guide For Every Girl In Your Life

The gift guide for all you green thumbs.

By Bethan Warrior | 8th February 2018

Like most people, we are obsessed with flowers and plants. The popularity of living gifts seems to be on the incline in recent times. With a culture of mass production and mass waste, it seems people are urging for something more natural and personal for their gifting. However, picking the right bloom for the right occasion can be tricky. So to assist all of Brisbane’s nature enthusiasts, here’s a guide to purchasing the perfect living gift.

For The One You Love: Roses

It’s pretty obvious we know, but roses really are the classic flower choice for the love in your life. Valentine’s Day is looming and everyone everywhere will be flooding into florists for their cookie-cutter bouquet of red roses. Why not be a little different this year? Make your gift more personal and loving by choosing a colour that expresses your bae’s personality while still being a traditional V-day present. It’s the perfect balance. Roses are one of nature’s most colourful varieties. Not sure what colour to choose? Why not ask for a mix? Soft pink, happy yellow, peachy orange or an elegant purple…the possibilities are boundless. Did you know that purple or lavender roses are said to symbolise enchantment? Add the final enticing charm to your fairy tale Valentine’s Day with these pastel pretties.

1_For The One You Love_Roses

For The One Who Stops and Smells: Oriental Lilies

When their nose is the judge, lilies are the way to go. It’s surprising how many flowers don’t actually have a fragrance in commercial florists but these babies are the beautiful exception. Oriental lilies are an ostentatious and bold flower, being tall with large petals, they’re the ideal gift for a confident personality with a nose for exotic perfumes. The great thing about this flower is that each stem usually has multiple heads, making them one of the best flowers for longevity and bang for your buck. They come in a variety of colour tones, the most common being a crisp white and an assortment of alluring pink tones. These beauties do take a little looking after. Just remind your special someone to remove the stamen (brown fluffy bits in the centre) as the lilies open as they can stain your hands and furniture if left to drop. And a final top tip, these aren’t the flowers for your crazy cat lady. Unfortunately, lilies can be poisonous to little kitties if ingested.

2_For The One Who Stops and Smells_Oriental Lilies

For The One Who Kills Everything: Cactus Plant

Everyone has that one friend who just doesn’t have the magic touch when it comes to plants. Well, we have a solution. The cactus is renowned for being the most self-sufficient plant around. It’s the strong, independent woman of the plant world, and would make the ultimate pressie for the strong, independent woman in your life. This one’s for the girl boss who doesn’t have time to worry about her plants and is a great alternative to flowers if that isn’t their thing. The great thing about these plants is that they can just be left on your windowsill, looking cute and there’s no panic about changing the water or cutting stems. Being a warm-weather plant, a cactus is used to extremely dry and hot environments and won’t wither in our Brisbane heat. In other words, these bad boys are hard to kill.

3_For The One Who Kills Everything_Cactus Plant

For The Romantic One: Lisianthus

These flowers are for the friend who has read every Jane Austin novel, is relentlessly optimistic about love in our hook-up culture and has an appreciation for mother nature’s unique beauty. Oh and she’s seen The Notebook A LOT! Romantics have a tendency to see the beauty in the little things and value sentiments over material possessions. This is why flowers are the perfect gift for the romantic in your life. A starry-eyed person will appreciate the loveliness of nature and the romanticism of a living gift more than anyone. Lisianthus exude romance with their fluffy appearance they are often compared to roses, tulips, poppies and peonies. All flowers that are associated with love and affection. You’ll often see these flowers in wedding bouquets and events centred around love for this very reason. A bunch of Lisianthus would be ideal for your friend with a sentimental heart and inclination for the whimsical. Lisianthus are said to symbolise appreciation, so if you’re looking for a ‘just cause’ kind of gift, these are the ones.

4_For The Romantic One_Lisianthus

For The One with The New House: Daffodils

A new home gift can be a difficult one to decide on. A candle, a food hamper, who knows what to do? So we offer you a living gift solution that will impress any new homeowner. Daffodils are a symbol of new beginnings and friendship which aligns impeccably with this situation, plus their bright yellow colour makes you feel happy and celebratory. Their use as decorative flowers dates back to ancient Egyptian times so it seems fitting that they accompany a new coffee table or breakfast bar. I don’t believe anyone has ever been relaxed while moving house which is why Daffodils are a great gift idea. Some varieties of Daffodil emit a beautiful fragrance which is said to be calming and to reduce stress. These beauties are available as cut flowers or potted plants so you can decide what suits your loved one best! Did you know that they also come in an adorable miniature variety? Just remember these lovelies thrive on plenty of sunlight!

5_For The One with The New House_Daffodils

For The Homegrown Hero: Australian Natives

Australia Day may have been and gone but the patriotism doesn’t have to end there. Australia has an awesome collection of native flowers that can create stunning arrangements for your nearest and dearest. Talk to your local florist about banksias, eucalyptus and gumnuts for your bush-style bouquet. Natives offer an appealing earthy feel and look best unstructured. The wild and free aesthetic would be great for the self-confessed hippie in your contact list. They come in a variety of colours ranging from soft pastels to striking brights so there’s something for every boho babe in Brissy. A bonus about these flowers is that they are used to our difficult climate which harms most blooms. If longevity is important to you, these are the way to go.

6_For The Home-Grown Hero_Australian Natives

For The Hard Worker: Terrarium

These beauties are an awesome gift idea for just about every occasion, but they work best as an office accessory. Whether your bestie just landed her dream job or someone in your team deserves some recognition, terrariums are easy to care for and look picturesque perched on a desk. Terrariums are usually succulents or low maintenance plants in glass containers that can be sealed or unsealed. The awesome thing about this gift idea is that you can buy them in store or there are plenty of DIY instructions online. A person’s desk is as personal as their bedroom when it comes to decoration, so making a terrarium yourself is a fun way to make your gift personal and memorable. Get creative with your container, it can be as small as a whiskey glass or as large as a cookie jar. And glass isn’t mandatory! You can try a ceramic teacup or recycled tin can. Plenty of people love to accessorise their terrariums to make them unique to the individual. My personal favourite is accompanying their plant with a gorgeous crystal or gemstone. The possibilities are endless to make this gift special for your lovely lady in mind.

7_For The Hard Worker_Terrarium

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