Get your dream bod in 45mins!

Get your dream bod in 45mins!

Getting bored of the same routine, not feeling challenged and looking to take your current workout to the next level? Well the team at Studio 45 Fitness have the answer - introducing Lagree Fitness.

By Jane Schon | 22nd May 2014

Imagine if Reformer Pilates and Crossfit had a baby. Now multiply that by 10 and you’ve got Lagree Fitness. Burning upwards of 700 calories in a single 45-minute session, Lagree Fitness delivers an intensity that leaves you sweating, your muscles shaking and your body burning like no other workout. You get the strength and cardio of a Crossfit session with the stretch and length of Reformer Pilates, building long, lean, sexy muscles and defining your core without wear and tear on your joints.

Don’t worry it isn’t too good to be true. Mark and Tara, owners of Studio 45 Fitness in New Farm, have brought over this intense new workout from the States. Tara says theirs is the second studio in Australia and the only studio in Queensland to offer the class, but she says the method is massive in the US and has been evolving for over 12 years. She says Lagree Fitness is the go-to workout for celebs like Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara and our very own Nicole Kidman.

“While Mark and I are not famous nor professional athletes, when we stumbled upon this we knew it would transform our lives forever,” she says. “After being members for years in the Southern California, we decided to take the plunge, completed Sebastien Lagree’s Lagree Fitness certification course, twice, and moved to Brisbane. Being from Brisbane, Mark knew this was exactly the type of method Australians would love.”

Women at the gym using reformer machines.

Lagree Fitness delivers an intensity that leaves you sweating, your muscles shaking and your body burning like no other workout.


“We get a lot of questions asking why there aren’t more Lagree studios in Australia. It’s a difficult method to master and having the years of instruction, plus the close access to Sebastien during our certification process, we felt confident in bringing the method here.”

All of the exercises are performed on the Megaformer, and are patented and exclusive to Lagree Fitness studios. Tara says this is what makes the workout unique.

“The Megaformer has been designed to incorporate strength conditioning, stretching, and cardio in every movement,” she says. “Every time you come there is a different set of exercises, and with only seven machines, you are sure to get all the one on one attention and motivation you need. Our instructors are highly competent and are experts at pushing you while respecting your own personal fitness abilities.”

Tara says the workout is suitable for anyone – men and women – looking for a challenge in their exercise routine. “Studio 45 Fitness is perfect for anyone who gets bored easily, with over 300 exercises, you will never have the same routine twice. I write new routines every week so your muscles are always challenged and you can’t anticipate what’s next.”

Tara says she’s living proof the exercise really works. “I was over 20kg heavier when Mark and I started the Lagree Fitness method and it changed my life. I still work at it every day, and I think that’s why I can relate to the journey of our members. I’m there with them, sweating, working hard and not giving up.”

“It is funny when I’m participating in a class with my members, they love watching me struggle, I guess it’s payback for all the torture I put them through.”

Want to get hooked too? Visit the trendy New Farm studio, located on Brunswick St opposite Gerties. Tara says they welcome a range of members from gym junkies and personal trainers, to mums and university students. “You work at your own pace and while we push you every class, we will always respect your fitness abilities.”

Women at the gym using reformer machines

Studio 45 owner and instructor, Tara was over 20kg heavier when she started the Lagree Fitness method, she says it's changed her life.

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Article by Jane Schon

Jane is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She is addicted to theatre, travelling to far off places and developing her personal style (AKA shopping). Jane adores good food (and even better coffee) and is a self-confessed sleep enthusiast.


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