Get a booty like Beyonce

Get a booty like Beyonce

Want a booty like Beyonce? Sally Brouwer reveals all.

By Sally Brouwer | 3rd April 2014

I’d like to state that I’m a big believer in exercising for fitness rather than to “look” a certain way. Fitness can give you so much more than aesthetic appeal can (and often that’s just a bonus that comes along with the training anyway).

I do understand, however, that most people exercise to “look good” - and if you could get a good butt from sitting on the couch eating Tim Tams, then they’d happily do that (which unfortunately is not the case).

So with that being said…. How do you get a nice round Beyonce butt?

1.     Genetics

If you want to shape your backside you’re going to need to do some good old fashioned weight training. You don’t need a hundred different leg machines to work on, you could use:

Medicine balls
Weight plates
Kettle bells
Lump of timber
Small child, or even training partner (piggy back style)

To start with, I’d focus on a basic squat where you’re using a full range of movement (just like sitting back into a chair except lowering your butt further down to the ground). Once you have good technique, add on as much weight as possible and do them as often as possible – leaving a good 24hrs between training days to allow your muscles to recover and rebuild.

You can then add variety by trying narrow squats, wide squats, overhead squats (with a weight), front squats, back squats, jump squats, pistiol squats (one leg)… the choices are endless.

If you want more workout ideas, check out Sally Brouwer Fitness on facebook, for workout videos you can do at home.

Need a workout playlist? Our Digital Manager is also a DJ and here is her workout playlist for free download.


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Article by Sally Brouwer


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