All the gear, no idea

All the gear, no idea

Got all the gear, but no idea? Sally Brouwer says it's time to get back to basics for optimal health and fitness

By Sally Brouwer | 11th March 2014

By Sally Brouwer

Unless you’re an elite athlete, my suggestion would be to save the money you’re spending on expensive fitness equipment and “sports nutrition” and put your focus towards old school hard training instead.

Here’s my suggestion list to bring some reality back to your diet and training and focus on the basics.

1.    Add up all the money you’ve spent on sports supplements, bars, drinks etc for a month. Just look at that amount of money and ask yourself was the money well spent. Artificial packaged rubbish will never give you what fresh vegetables and meat can (and it’s a lot cheaper too).

2.    Weigh up the cost / benefit ratio of purchasing the latest equipment you’re considering. A new bike costing $8,000 may shave a couple of seconds off your race time – so might putting 5 percent more effort into your training sessions.

3.    Rather than going to the local protein shop for nutrition advice, go to a registered professional who is QUALIFIED to give you specific advice. Ask if they have any alliances with any nutrition companies (if they do I’d go elsewhere).

4.    Be honest with yourself in regard to your diet and your training. Are you REALLY pushing yourself in training, or could you have done that little bit extra? How clean are you REALLY with your diet? Are you sneaking in a couple of biscuits here and there when no ones watching? It all counts in the big picture.

Instead of looking for the easy option (which is always going to come at a financial cost) why not get the basics squared away first. It’s like focusing on the icing for the cake when you haven’t even mastered how to cook the cake yet.

Hard work is always the answer.


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Article by Sally Brouwer


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