Fitness Classes That Target Your Troublesome Spots

Fitness Classes That Target Your Troublesome Spots

No ifs, just butts.

By Elena Barton | 16th February 2017

We all have certain parts of our bodies that we find more difficult to whip into shape. So we scoured Brisbane and tried a ton of fitness classes that target specific areas of the body.

Get ready for a list of bingo-wing-busting, core-crushing and booty-burning classes that will shake your booty and shake up your workout routine!


If you’re looking for abs of steel, give Genesis Fitness’ CX Worx class a go. It’s 30 minutes of using your own body weight and resistance bands to minimise the muffin top, strengthen your core and improve your posture.

Want to improve your cardio fitness, coordination, core and upper-body strength at the same time? Cardio Box is the class for you! With a circuit-style workout that mixes simple boxing moves with high-intensity cardio, you’ll end up with arms to rival Michelle Obama’s.

For full-body strength and toning, you can’t go past Body Pump. In a one-hour class, you’ll work your whole body with weights, and build lean muscle, which helps burn more fat long-ter. Plus, you choose how much you want to lift and work at your own pace while still being in a class environment. Motivation without the intimidation of the weights floor? Win!


Dance Barre Albion has a veritable treasure trove of classes designed to tackle troublesome spots.

Want to blast that booty? Feel the burn with the Booty Method, which uses a combination of kettle bells, resistance bands and floor work to shape the inner-thighs, legs and derriere. Or try the Barre Booty & Tone class – a high-intensity, low-impact barre workout that tones, lifts and shapes everything from the waist down.

Rocking more of a keg than a six-pack? The Core Method is the class for you, with a workout designed to improve your overall posture while strengthening and toning your midsection.

If your top half is looking a little lacklustre, the Upper Body Goddess class is dedicated to creating long, lean limbs, while increasing muscle definition and tone. You’ll end up with an upper body that is less Hulk and more Heidi Klum.


Bums, tums and thighs tend to be some of the most problematic body parts to tone. Target all three with Fitness First’s Abs, Butts and Thighs class. With a combination of strength-enhancing and muscle-toning exercises, the class promises to deliver results with its intense routine. Burn, baby, burn!

Shake your way to a tight tush with a Zumba class! Fancy footwork tones everything from your core to your feet, plus it’s great for cardio fitness and you get to have a laugh while you’re at it.

Feeling fired up for a full-body workout? Try a Mixed Martial Arts class. Combining boxing, kickboxing and wrestling moves with combat techniques, MMA looks to boost your overall fitness, muscle tone and strength while improving your coordination and cardio fitness.


Bounce yourself fit at Skyzone Macgregor’s Skyfit classes. Like the name suggests, the No Ifs, Just Butts class is all about that bass with 30 minutes of intensive lower-body moves sure to give you a beautiful booty. Be prepared to avoid the stairs the day after!

Aerial Abs is the perfect class to target a stubborn midsection, combining trampoline skills with static core work including sit-ups, crunches and toe touches. The moves help to shape your stomach and improve core strength and posture.


Feel the burn with F45’s dynamic workout system that blends HIIT, circuit training and functional training into 27 different 45-minute workout experiences. This method is guaranteed to make you sweat, tone you up and improve your strength and cardio fitness levels. With so many different classes you’ll never get bored but you will be sore!


Cycling is a great way to tone your lower body and core. InspireCycle’s huge range includes everything from 30-minute pedal to the metal express classes (for those who want to get in and get out while burning a heap of calories), to Cyclebarre classes (blend the calorie burn of a spin class with the strength and toning of a barre workout).

There’s even Antigravity Aerial Yoga so you can achieve Zen and stretch those sore muscles after those hellish hill climbs in the cycle studio.

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Article by Elena Barton

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