Fit Minds: Embracing Mental Health

Fit Minds: Embracing Mental Health

Celebrate Mental Health Week by making a commitment to be open and honest.

By Psychology Consultants, Brisbane | 12th October 2016

If you have ever watched an episode of Sex and the City, you might have noticed that all of the characters openly and willingly talk about their problems over lunch. “My therapist says I should…”

This is actually true of most American sitcoms and it’s reflective of a more open and honest attitude towards mental health.

In general, Aussies are a bit different in this regard. We tend to think anyone who needs a therapist “must be crazy, right?” Wrong.

Australia’s physical fitness industry is booming; these days, everyone seems to have a personal trainer and/or gym membership. The popularity of shows such as The Biggest Loser supplement the government’s effort to support healthy lifestyles – it’s more than a trend. It’s a long-term commitment to our nation’s physical health.

But what about our mental health?

“Every single one of us is susceptible to struggling with the ups and downs of life. The stress and pressure we face can catch up with us all,” says Dr Jillian Millar, Clinical Psychologist at Psychology Consultants, Brisbane.

“I see the role of psychologists as similar to a personal trainer for the mind; you don’t have to be unhealthy before you can benefit from prioritising your health and wellbeing.

“Sometimes we help clients who are in crisis and may only want or need a short-term intervention. Other times people may choose to engage in regular psychotherapy to help maintain good mental health and functioning,” comments Dr Millar.

With Mental Health Week being celebrated from October 9-15, there’s no better time to take a step back, reflect and value the importance of your own mental health.

If you feel pressured or overwhelmed, speaking to a professional can really help put things in perspective and provide strategies to help you deal with life’s ups and downs. There is no shame in it; your mind is a vital organ – as important as your heart or lungs.

For more information on our team of male and female clinical psychologists, visit the Team page of our website.


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Article by Psychology Consultants, Brisbane

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