Performers of the hilarious new comedy-cabaret Judy Hainsworth and Kaitlin Oliver Parker spoke with Candice Jackson about expressing the ‘trauma’ of being a white girl in their production at Judith Wright centre this July.

By Candice Jackson | 25th June 2014

Where did the inspiration come from for this show?

There is an adage when it comes to writing - “write what you know”. We wanted to write something from our own experience, but something that other people would relate to as well. So we thought, who are we? We are white, privileged, spoilt, upper middle class girls. Let’s write a show about that and how “hard” our lives are. And “first world problems” are such a big thing at the moment, and we wanted to tap into that.

How long did it take to script the show?

We wrote the first draft in February and just completed the final version recently. We will continue to tweak it up until opening night and probably even afterwards, to make sure it is as topical and funny as it can be. We like to surprise each other and make each other laugh.

What can people expect/ is it quite relatable?

We are going to give you permission to whinge about all those problems you have that you’re too embarrassed to complain about. First world problems are REAL problems and the show celebrates that.

What topics will really get to the heart of Brisbane-ites?

We explore things like having an overly intimate relationship with your phone, being jealous of your Instagram life, having a disastrous spray tan right before an important event. You know, your basic everyday trauma.

Can you share with us some words of wisdom we would hear from the two main characters?

Facebook RSVPs are meaningless, op-shopping is for poor people and choose your tanning salon wisely.

How does the musical element come into the show? Are they all original songs or parodies of well-known songs?

The songs in the show are original numbers by Judy Hainsworth. They are all written in a different style, so you’ve got pop ballads, musical theatre, ragtime and even a bit of country. Each one tackles a different first world problem in a hilarious way.

Do you think everyone could relate to knowing a real life #firstworldwhitegirl?

Absolutely. We are a growing breed. And #FirstWorldWhiteGirl is quite an inclusive term – you don’t have to be white, or even a girl. It’s more of a state of mind.


#FirstWorldWhiteGirls is on at the Judith Wright Centre from July 24 to 26.




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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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