Finding the time for exercise

Finding the time for exercise

Can't find the time to exercise? Fitness advocate Sally Brouwer shares her top tips for creating time in your day to work out.

By Sally Brouwer | 26th February 2014

By Sally Brouwer.

The biggest excuse people give me these days is: “I don’t have time”
You do have time, you’re just not using it to your advantage. But that’s ok I’ve done up a list to help you out

1.    Don’t watch tv
2.    Get up half an hour earlier.
3.    Too tired to get up earlier? Go to bed ½ hr earlier – problem solved!
4.    Never hit snooze… ever!
5.    Wear lycra and never iron again.
6.    If you share your home with family; delegate jobs to in your house – if not done, make consequences eg. No computer time.
7.    Don’t watch tv (just in case you missed #1.)
8.    Write out a weekly menu and stick it on the fridge. From this, plan your shopping list to save walking up and down shopping aisles.
9.    Make meals in bulk and freeze.
10.   If something states “hand wash only” don’t buy it.
11.   Eat raw vegetables – saves on cooking time and better for you!
12.   Instead of catching up with friends for a coffee or a beer  - catch up over a walk or at the gym.
13.   Start learning to say “no” to people. You have to look after yourself at some stage too.
14.   Get a user friendly haircut.

So there’s just a few tips to get you started.
You’re welcome.


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Article by Sally Brouwer


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