How to Feel Hot at the Gym Without Makeup

How to Feel Hot at the Gym Without Makeup


By Marz Hill | 2nd August 2016

For years, I lacked the confidence to leave the house without makeup. And I definitely wasn't ready for a bare-faced gym session! Are you kidding? Someone might see....

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

A couple of years ago, I realised something: while I didn’t like looking at myself without makeup, other people didn’t have the same objections. They actually didn’t care.

If you’re reading this and thinking “I even wear makeup to bed!” then you can definitely benefit from this article.

Let’s start with the basics. Why should you avoid wearing makeup to the gym?

Reason #1: It's TERRIBLE for your skin

Two years ago, I was suffering from cystic acne. Since I stopped wearing makeup and started letting my skin sweat without all those products clogging up my pores, my skin has never looked better. I’m in the gym almost every day, working with personal training clients and carrying out my own intense training schedules; if my skin can feel this good then yours can too.

Reason #2: It’s false advertising.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

I’m not talking about the potential Mr Right over at the squat rack – forget him for the moment. You’re not being honest with yourself. Let’s be real: very few people who claim #IWokeUpLikeThis actually DID wake up like that. You’re at the gym, working on your physical appearance to (probably) feel better about yourself. It’s time we all learnt how to feel comfortable in our skin in EVERY way.

Reason #3: It takes up valuable time

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

Why not just throw on your activewear and head to the gym instead of spending 20 minutes putting on your makeup? By cutting out this step, you could save one to two hours per week! Crazy huh?

OK, so now that you know the ways a fresh face at the gym will make your life better, let’s chat about how you can feel more confident while at the gym:

Confidence Tip #1: Set your goals and smash them

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

Having a vague goal will only get you vague results. Thanks to the beautiful products in almost every stationery store, we know how to set goals. Get writing, make a vision board for your desk, get into that gym and make it happen. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will ensure your body creates a change; being focused solely on achieving your goals will help you forget how you look doing it!

Confidence Tip #2: Educate yourself

Some of the best changes I’ve ever seen in my body have come from stepping into that weights room and pushing heavy stuff! A personal trainer can help write a program specifically for you so you know how to move your body around the weights safely, efficiently and confidently. When I work with women to create their personal programs, they often leave feeling relieved that it really isn’t that hard. And they feel empowered to do it themselves with their newfound knowledge! The more confident you feel at the gym, the less likely you are to need a mask (i.e. makeup) to protect yourself.

Confidence Tip #3 Tell yourself how hot you are

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

It’s no secret that positive self-talk helps you get stuff done. I’m constantly saying “I’ve got this!” in my head. I qualified for Miss Universe Australia with that mentality! If you wouldn’t say that negative comment to a friend, then don’t say it to yourself in the mirror. Change your thoughts and you will change your life forever (not just in the gym)!

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About the author: Marz Hill is a Barefoot Personal Trainer from Brisbane, a Miss Universe Australia National Finalist for 2016 and the Toybox International Charity Ambassador.

To connect with her check out:
Instagram @marz.hill &
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Article by Marz Hill

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