Have You Considered Experiential Marketing For Your Business?

Have You Considered Experiential Marketing For Your Business?

You should!

By Tamille Head | 5th June 2018


Here at Style, we’re so much more than a magazine. We can offer your business tailored, integrated solutions for experiential marketing and social media engagement, as well as traditional media content and magazines/catalogues.

The Content Marketing arm of Style Magazines specialises in the creation of customer experiences and social media content that gives your brand a voice that can be heard (alongside some hardworking imagery). An integral part of the Content Marketing team, Kathryn Edmonds our Content Marketing Account Manager, has been super busy of late, bringing our unique Style Lounge to retail centres across Queensland.

We sat down with her to get the lowdown on experiential marketing...


What’s the concept behind the Style Lounge?
The Style Lounge is essentially a little luxe haven, specifically designed for shoppers to retreat in amongst their busy days and have the opportunity to connect with myself on a more personal level to chat about their own style needs and how they too can shop this seasons trends at that centre.

Can you talk me through how it pans out?
It’s a very simple process really that aims to make life easier for shoppers by coming straight to the source and experiencing a full service. The sessions go for an hour in total and start with a 30-minute consultation with myself, followed by 30 minutes with a personal shopper. Their consultation with me allows them to open up and ask any questions they might have about how to dress for their lifestyle, body shape and budget and I can guide them to make the best selections to suit their specific needs. The personal shopping component that follows the consultation offers them the full experience of having a styling session and all works towards building their self-confidence when it comes to shopping for themselves in the future.


How effective is this type of activation from a retail marketing perspective?
Experiential activations such as these Style Lounges are so crucial for Shopping Centres who have fashion stores there to implement as they not only allow their shoppers to have access to an overall service and experience that they may not have necessarily have engaged in previously, but it also assists with driving added foot traffic and sales to their retailers too - it’s a win/win situation.

What benefits do centres see from it?
Retailers who have their garments featured on my clothes rack within the Style Lounge see a huge increase in sales of those specific items during the time that the Lounge is live in the centre as those items are heavily referred to by myself during the one-on-one consultations with customers. Shoppers will often seek out those same items whilst they are with our personal shopper, as they can now see the benefit of owning them and how they can work them back into their own wardrobes. It’s great exposure for the retailers who participate and it helps to educate shoppers as to what products are in their stores that they may not have normally ventured into for whatever reason.


How long have you been working as a stylist for?
I have been working as a stylist for almost 10 years now and prior to that, I was a Fashion Designer with my own womenswear label. So, it’s safe to say, I love my fashion and I know what works for women and their bodies, lifestyles, budgets and personalities.

In addition to The Style Lounge, what other things have you been doing under the Style umbrella recently?
Being a stylist means that there is so much variety in our daily jobs and this is why I love it so much. No two days are ever the same in our worlds (which means a constant source of inspiration to draw from). I love directing and pulling together a flat lay photoshoot for content that we create for clients all over the country. I also love working on creative visual merchandising concepts and event displays for clients too.

Want us to style up your marketing game? We can tailor your message across all platforms and experiences.

Get in touch with Kathryn and the team today to discuss your marketing needs. They’ll probably shout you a coffee while you chat!

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Article by Tamille Head

Tamille was a Journalist at Style Magazines. She enjoys green smoothies and gin & soda (with cucumber) in equal measures. When she’s not writing about lifestyle trends, she can be found heading to gigs, adding to her hat collection, or ducking down to the coast for a salt water fix. She can rarely be found in the kitchen because pizza is life.


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