Excuses for New Year’s Eve So You Can Stay In!

Excuses for New Year’s Eve So You Can Stay In!

Not even sorry.

By Kelly Forbes | 21st December 2016

All your friends are bugging you to join them for a wild club-hopping, techno-music bopping, champagne poppin’ New Year’s Eve. But you have a date that you just can’t cancel. A date with the couch and Netflix.

When your friends just won’t take no for an answer, try a few of our favourite excuses so you can stay in this New Year’s Eve.
“Oh no, you never invited me to do that. You must be thinking of someone else.”
(Like my previous self who was once keen for New Year’s Eve)

“You go ahead without me! I’m still getting ready…”

(… for a movie marathon on the couch in my pyjamas.)


“I’m trying to my save money…”

(… from being spent at dodgy bars so I can spend it all on ASOS tonight instead.)


“I have to go to Mum’s. She’s sick…”

(… of me using her Netflix account on my laptop.)


“I already have plans with other friends.”

(...And by that I mean Friends. The TV show. What kind of person can expect me to walk away from a marathon mid-season?)


“The Uber driver got to my house but then left without me”

(...Because he was really just dropping off my UberEats.)


“Damn! I would have come if I had known!”

(And not accidentally-on-purpose ignored every single call and text I received.)


“I have to walk my dog…”

(… to pick-up takeaway from the Chinese restaurant.)


“I have a huge book report…”

(… that I wrote when I was still at school/uni that now acts as the perfect stable-table for the couch.)


“I have to stay home because my pets are scared of fireworks.”

(Seriously, no one will guilt-trip you over this excuse!)


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Article by Kelly Forbes

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