Everyone’s a Genius – Author Jen Fraser shares her simple tips to boost brilliance

Everyone’s a Genius – Author Jen Fraser shares her simple tips to boost brilliance

Style speaks with Author Jen Fraser, about her recent silver award in the 2015 Axiom Business Book Awards(USA) and the tips on innovation, creativity and ideas that everyone can benefit from.

By Candice Jackson | 28th May 2015

Author Jennifer Lynn Fraser’s business book ‘Everyone’s a Genius:
Simple Tips To Boost Your Brilliance Now’ was created to arm 
everyday ordinary people with the tips, tricks and techniques to 
expand their imagination and bring to life truly original ideas, 
time and time again.

We were lucky to catch up with her before the 2015 Axiom Business 
Book Awards ceremony in New York on May 27, in which her book has
taken silver in the business reference book category.

Q: Does the title of the book ‘Everyone’s a Genius’ refer to the various strengths people have when it comes to being creative and/or implementing business strategies?

A: Yes and yes! You see, my book arms readers with proven and reliable techniques to solve whatever problem they have — even if their problem is: “I wish I had a great new business idea no-one’s thought of yet.”

The book doesn’t just show you how to think outside the box; it actually shifts your mental gears across into inventor’s mode while you read it. I’ve been told a few times now that my book has sparked off a really fantastic idea, but that I’ll have to wait ’til it’s patented!

Q. Can you give an example on how some people might not be harnessing their ‘inner brilliance’?

A: The book opens with a quote attributed to Einstein, which reads: “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

The first step toward being more creative is self-belief. We need to start thinking of ourselves as creative. We need to reclaim the creativity we were each born with, but which daily life has ground out of us.

There’s a valuable lesson to be learned from China’s creativity drought. You see, although their education system churns out vast numbers of over-achievers, they’re in desperate short supply of the home-grown inventors they needed for coming up with new products and technologies. Chinese researchers have looked to places like Google, Apple and MIT, and discovered the one common factor in these creativity powerhouses, which I reveal in my book.

Q. Does the book go into detail on how you can find your inner ‘genius’ or ‘brilliance’?

A: Yes.‘Everyone’s a Genius' breaks down many common myths about IQ, genius and creativity. It is a very practical handbook which shows you where and how to find inspiration rather than waiting for it to happen. It covers topics such as blue-sky thinking, how to find opportunities others miss, how to question your assumptions, how to reliably access your unconscious (without taking drugs!), how to think more like Einstein and so much more.

Q: What can people learn from the book? And who would benefit from reading it?

A: Far too many books on this topic require a university education to understand, but my book is different. It is filled with humour, personality and wit to keep it fun and lively. You’ll discover a collection of wonderful quotes by some of history's greatest minds, plus lovely illustrations and stories to entertain and inspire you. It’s also written in short, easy-to-read sections making it ideal for today’s busy commuter. It will be especially useful for anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations; as well as those working in creative fields such as scientific research, law, accounting, architecture, design, hobbies, craft, writing and more.

Q: Can you share 3 top tips featured within the book?

1. Inspiration; not just waiting for it to happen.

My two personal favourites are the Thesaurus and Google Images. The Thesaurus is especially useful for reliably coming up with brilliant ideas for such things as a new company name, or drafting up a list of optional subtitles for the name of a new book. Playing around with keywords on Google Images is an excellent way of feeding your unconscious mind, giving it something to burble over before solving a problem.

2. Look for the simple solution.

For example, when a truck is wedged under a bridge, onlookers may suggest ramming the truck out or cutting the top off the truck. The simple ‘genius’ solution is to let the air out of the tyres.

3. Sketch.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a sketch must surely be worth a hundred. Don’t worry, those stick figures are just fine. If kids aren’t afraid of their felt-tip pens, why are you?

- My bonus tip:

Keep pen and paper handy (or voice recorder) to capture your ideas while reading ‘Everyone’s a Genius’. Don’t worry about getting ideas, they will come. Actually, the problem you may find is in shutting them off!

Jen’s book acknowledges that we are all born geniuses, and aims to 
nurture readers on the real challenge to rediscover their
inherent gifts.
The book is currently available for purchase as a hardcover or paperback on Amazon and can also be downloaded from GooglePlay, Kobo and Kindle. Jen would also like Style readers to meet her in person, and get your book signed from 11am on Saturday June 20 at ‘Books @ Stones’ bookstore in Stones Corner.



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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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