Event Season Survival Guide

Event Season Survival Guide

As we enter a season exploding with events, planning ahead is essential!

By Sophie Catsoulis | 6th October 2016

For many of us, a looming late night awakens the little old lady inside. It starts WHEN? Do I really have to wear heels? The idea of spending hours upon hours on our feet, drinking, mingling and dancing... well, it doesn’t sound that terrible, but if you’re not one of the party-fit few, a late bedtime can often come as a shock to the system.

Spring, is of course, synonymous with Saturday night soirees and Sundays spent at the races. But Monday mornings still exist (unfortunately) and they’re bad enough without feeling under the weather. Avoid all the draining drama with a few simple steps to ensure your body is booze-proof and ready to go.

Before you go

Be sure to sleep soundly the night before your big event – that means no late-night Netflix! A lack of sleep results in a not-so-amicable attitude, not to mention a flurry of unflattering photos that even filters can’t fix. Aim for an early bedtime and an uninterrupted sleep to wake up feeling fresh and ready for the night ahead.

One word: hydrate. Keep your skin and your stomach happy with a load of liquid. And by that I mean WATER, not more alcohol. Water will keep you headache-free as the party continues. But don’t forget to eat! Make sure to eat a substantial, nutritious meal before you leave for the night. Not only will a well-balanced meal combat the cocktails, you may just avoid the post-kebab guilt come tomorrow.

While you’re out

You may have an undying love for Pinot, but try to sip on something water-based – one vodka lime soda, please! As weird as it sounds, this combination of spirits and soda is actually doing you a world of good in the grand scheme of things. In addition to your earl- morning water loading, adequate water intake throughout the night will balance out the alcohol and keep you hydrated all night long.

As sexy as those new stilettos looked at 6pm, save yourself the crippling pain and swap them out for a sneaky pair of fold-up flats. This heavenly invention will fit neatly into your purse and leave your feet intact (as opposed to puffy!)

When you get home

Ward off the dreaded hangover by taking a Panadol and a Berocca as soon as you get home. The Panadol will help with pain relief and the Berocca… well, I don’t have a scientific explanation but trust me, it works miracles!

Finally, snuggle into your sheets eye-mask clad and be sure to savour those few precious winks before sunrise.


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Article by Sophie Catsoulis

Sophie Catsoulis is a former Journalist at Style Magazines. When she’s not fawning over sausage dogs or the latest Chloe bag, she spends her weekends in search of strawberries, sunflowers or better yet, shiraz.


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