We Chat With Instagram Artist Emma Regolini About Turning Her Academic Pursuits Into Art

We Chat With Instagram Artist Emma Regolini About Turning Her Academic Pursuits Into Art

Discovering where creativity meets academia, Emma Regolini describes how she is exploring a new frontier of art.

By Siobhan Taylor | 29th March 2018

Emma Regolini has a unique approach to her art. Derived from her academic pursuits and developed as a way to gather data on online behaviours, her story doesn’t follow the traditional roadmap many artists adopt. Interested in the way her studies could transect with art, Emma created her Instagram account @theline_ as a way to share her work while undertaking her Bachelor of Commerce.

“I originally started @theline_ project as a means to gather data on the topic of millennial online behaviours. During my studies, I thought why not experiment merging my academic work with a creative execution and see where they intersect.”

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Currently working on her honours thesis and collaborating with the Luxury Branding Research Centre (LBRC), Emma’s work reflects her professional and academic interest in brand perceptions, purchase intentions and the different facets of luxury branding and consumer decision-making. Her research with the LBRC has seen her travel to Vienna and Korea to present her research, and @theline_ is a unique opportunity for her to take her academic studies and experiment with them on a practical level. Prompted by developments in her academic studies, Emma came up with the foundation of what would eventually become @theline_.


“I wanted to experiment drawing over imagery that I find visually engaging to see if I could add another layer to it, to create a new or modified meaning or aesthetic.”

When Emma started creating her pieces in 2016 she essentially started from scratch, with only a vision and a drawing tablet to get her started.

“It was quite tough at first because I had to self-teach myself Photoshop and learn how lines and elements can change an image, so now I like to see how far I can push different aesthetics while still maintaining online engagement.”

And, while her beginnings may have been quite unique to other artists, her artistic process is very organic and rings true for many creatives.

“I usually pull up an image that I’ve been ruminating over or something that I’m in the mood to work with. I then try to work with the contours of the image or the shapes and visual elements present to create something that is aesthetically pleasing or would be nice to see on an Instagram feed. This again ties back to why I started the project in the first place.”


What started as a side project experimenting with the intersection of art and consumer behaviours, @theline_ is now so much more than this, having recently collaborated with the likes of The Upside, Bower Swimwear and Gritty Pretty.

“I think the most fulfilling aspect of these collaborations is that as a self-taught digital artist I created something, a style, an aesthetic that I’m proud of. These brands allowed me to express my own design style with their imagery, which was something that I’m very grateful for so early on in my career.”

Looking forwards, Emma is balancing a fine line as she focuses on her honours thesis while working on new projects.

“I have a lot of fun things in the works. Despite my thesis taking precedence this year I have some pretty fun projects in the works that I am excited about. I am also working on some more hand-drawn pieces and hoping they’ll be here by summer!”

Quick 5:

Who is an artist you are obsessed with? Chloe Wise  (and her cat Pluto)
What is a medium you’d love to experiment with? Ink/paint pens. I’m dying to draw free-hand over life-size photographs with white ink/paint pens) because I think it could make for a cool gallery showcase.
What is your drink of choice? Coffee (or Gin if I’m going to live my best life)
A destination you’re dying to travel to? Peru
Finish this sentence – “On Sunday you’ll find me…studying, catching up on emails and reading journal articles/books and magazines.”

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Article by Siobhan Taylor

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