Electro-charging ahead

Electro-charging ahead

Three-time Australian Kickboxing World Champion and XBody Australia Ambassador, Ian Jacobs divulges how EMS technology has revolutionised his training technique. By Tess Brinums.

By Featured Posts | 27th February 2014

XBody Australia is the first studio to offer exclusive the XBody EMS technology and system in Australia. During EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training, 90 percent of muscles are activated simultaneously with each contraction and the muscle contractions are stronger and more intense than a voluntary exertion can do alone. According to research, compared to conventional weight training, deeper muscle groups are activated, which leads to better intra and inter-muscular coordination.

As an elite athlete, Ian had been exposed to EMS from a young age. “EMS technology is used at the highest level of rehab, but also at physios on a lower level,” he explains. EMS is a fantastically evolved technique for muscle healing and rehabilitation, usually for elite athletes. It’s only now that this technology has made its way to Australia as a form of fitness, thanks to XBody Australia.

As fitness professionals and directors, owners Emoke (Amy) Molnar and Norbert Folos were intrigued by this new wave of fitness technology. After trying one session of EMS in Europe, Emoke was hooked. “I thought, ‘this is it’; this is the solution for people who want to lose body fat, tone or grow muscles, detox their body, and help with injuries,” she says.

Ian describes the workouts as the perfect pick-me-up; better than a cup of coffee. “You get an instant rush with just one session,” he recalls, “It’s an instant zap to your muscles when you’re feeling unmotivated and sluggish.”

Most remarkably, with EMS, your body starts to change after just one session. You can burn up to 500 calories during your EMS training and up to 2,000 calories in the next 24-48 hours, after just a 20-minute session.

For Ian, a former kickboxing world champion and elite athlete, it’s the perfect complement to his other workouts and at two sessions a week, easily fits in with his busy lifestyle. “It makes me train harder, helps me recover faster, and fires me up to keep going, no matter what.”

Other client feedback echoes the same results: less stress, increased vitality, more energy, pain reduction, fat loss, weight loss, improved posture, and more balanced muscles. Better still, it’s the perfect tool for the average person to fire up their fitness regimen.

X Body Australia
Upper Ground, 92 Commercial Rd, Teneriffe
P 1300 492 639 www.xbody.com.au


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