Editor's Picks | Colour Inspo: Copper

Editor's Picks | Colour Inspo: Copper

A little or a lot, Lucy's coveting copper pared back with neutral tones in her Editor's Picks this week.

By Lucy Stephens | 29th April 2015

It's been a busy week in the Style office.

In case you haven't been following (I know you have), I've been getting kitted up by my boyfie for a 30 day fashion challenge - 30 days styled by my boyfriend (you can check out the first week here). It's been pretty entertaining for the staff at least and his outfits have been pretty good (except for his horrible Anzac-football inspired outfit on Saturday -but I don't want to go there) however the styling process really. drags. onn...............

(He's still learning you don't need a hat, scarf or clutch with every single outfit).

We've also been in production week for the mag this week, which basically translates to a combo of creative chaos, a diet of hot chips (and some Champagne), and late nights sending us a little cuckoo in order to get the mag to print (which it did - late Monday night).  So, thankfully scanning the interwebs in search of stuff I love comes with the job, 'cos that's generally my go-to release in times of stress.

This week, I've based my edit around my obsession with all things copper/bronze/rose gold, which started many moons ago. For my 21st I received a rose-gold bracelet which I absolutely adore and still wear to this day (I'll be getting a rose-gold engagement ring with the time comes around - hint hint, nudge nudge). Needless to say, when the rose gold/copper trend came around, I was pumped. It meant that for all those years I'd been rocking rose gold, I was simply ahead of the trend. But I always knew that...

Anyways, here's what I found that I'm really digging this week.

Editor's Picks - Week 2 | Colour Inspo: Copper

1. Gentle Monster Lady Joli sunglasses, $403.96, ShopBop

How good are these glasses? The shape is super cool I love the muted tortoiseshell print. They're a bit exy, but I reckon they'd make any outfit look a million dollars.

2. Totes Busy notepad $12.99, Typo

When I saw a girlfriend of mine carrying one of these, I had to have it. Firstly because I needed a new notepad (and I'm really fussy about my notepads having really solid front and back covers) but also because it's in a super versatile combo of black and gold so it goes with any outfit, and I love what it says. How good is stationery these days? Like I needed something else to fawn over.

3. Home Republic copper aztec cross cushion $49.95, Adairs

I actually already have this cushion, which was given to me by a dear girlfriend as a housewarming gift, but I'm pretty sure it's taken my relationship with cushions up a notch. I'm quite literally besotted with it. I stare longingly at it every time I sit on the couch (yeah, it's a bit weird) and I'm constantly checking to see if the foil has cracked (which it hasn't).  It's like my pseudo-baby. I think it's time I got a puppy...

4. Alessio queen-sized leather bedhead and base (complete) priced from $3800, Heatherly Design

Tan leather has long been one of my go-tos, whether it's bags, shoes, or even skirts (I have two). I am yet to acquire a bed, but if I do, I'll be saving my pennies for this one.

5. Sleeveless wrap coat $249, Seed

Winter is indeed coming, and this coat is just beautiful. I reckon this beauty is going to go pretty well with most of my stuff this season. I think I really like this one because it's pretty practical for Brisbane's half-arsed winter - warm, but short sleeved and easy enough to remove once you're inside or step into the midday sun. This is on my list of staples this season.

6. Marquee star light $40, Target

Cheaper retailers are so hip it hurts at the moment. I saw one of these at Target shaped like an anchor in blue, and I wanted to by it for my first son, despite the fact I'm not pregnant. Nor married. This one I can use now.

7. Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 $78, Mecca Maxima Wintergarden

These are the best eyeshadows I've ever bought, hands down. I'm a green-eyed gal and every colour in this palette is insane for bringing out the colour in them. The colour is intense and they have a lovely, velvety feel too them. Nearly 80 bucks may seem like a lot of dosh for eyeshadow, but when you consider you get 12 eyeshadows, it's actually really reasonable. This is a beauty bag MUST BUY.

8. Copper table lamp $99, Domayne

As I was filing this, it even caught the big Editor Claire Parviz's eye. It's not a cheapy, but it's a real conversation piece. If I was able to make my way through the paper, placemats, magazines and other paraphernalia occupying my tiny dining room table, I'd replace it all with this.

9. Giuseppe Zanotti high-top sneakers $1199, David Jones

Gotta love that sneakers are so hot right now. If I had a big disposable income, I reckon I'd get these ones. The gold detailing is divine!

10. Kimberley Tan leather backpack $349, Country Road

The last time I bought a backpack was in 1994 when I went on a seven week overseas holiday. Actually, I lie - my mum bought it for me. Every panel was a different colour and if my memory serves me right, so were the zips. Well, I think I am ready again. This time I'm thinking tonal is the way to go. This will go nicely with the rest of my tan collection!

Like it? Hate it? Got some stuff you reckon I'll love? Let me know! Send me an email.


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Article by Lucy Stephens

Lucy Stephens is a Senior Digital Journalist and Content Strategist at Style Magazines. She's a travel addict, considers gelato an appropriate meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (salted caramel, preferably), and suffers from a moderate to severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out).


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