When it comes to your wedding day, there are countless things to consider. From the flowers to the feast and the speeches, it’s anxiety-inducing just thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Your one fail-safe way of ensuring everyone has a banger of a time? Why it’s the booze, of course.

Let’s face it: Assembling a killer drinks package for your wedding keeps your guests happy. From pre-ceremony champagne to cocktail hour at the reception, nailing your drinks package can make or break the day.

Gone are the days where a bar tab or a consumption-based package at a restaurant was the standard. With couples opting for unexpected venues and funky reception spaces, BYO has emerged as the choice of champions. BYO weddings allow couples the freedom to devise a bar menu at less cost. It also means couples can set up a drink service space that’s oh-so photogenic and compliments the rest of the styling. No longer does the bar have to be that eyesore in the corner of the venue. In fact, it should be front and centre. With bar styling at the forefront of any Pinterest-worthy reception, your wedding bar is more than just a champagne dispensary.

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Here are some top tips from the professionals who craft rave-worthy drinks experiences.


Michelle Loveday from Brandition says it’s all about keeping it memorable. When it comes to your drinks packages and food menus, don’t be afraid to switch it up.

“Forget alternative-serve chicken and beef and go for interactive food stations where people can mix and mingle as well as beverage service options with a twist,” she says.

Brandition has all your hire and styling needs covered, right down to the glassware, cocktail dispensers and wandering champagne service belts. Whether you’ve been dreaming of a spiced-rum station or a low-key self-service bar, Brandition can style your celebration.

There’s a pop-up bar to match the vibe of most celebrations, but if you’re after something extra-quirky, Brandition can build one to your specifications.


Image: Brandition


Gathering Events mastermind Jen MacMillan is all about the extra touches that make a wedding special. When it comes to post-ceremony cheers, you can’t go past custom cocktails.

“Cocktails put everyone in the best of spirits for the rest of the evening,” she says. “We help couples create a unique cocktail that reflects them, the occasion, or a special memory shared. This is a chance for couples to share their life and love with everyone, and take them on a journey.”

Gathering Events is more than just bar service on the day (but they’ll have that covered too with some swanky bartenders and gorgeous caravan bar). The team will help you craft a bar experience your guests won’t stop talking about.

There are countless ways you can tell a story through your drinks package. From the red wine you drank together on your first date to beers from that brewery you visited last year, the options are endless. Gathering Events will pull it all together for you and complete the package with to-die-for bar signage and a gorgeous menu.

Making the bar an integral part of your wedding isn’t just about serving expensive bubbles. With Brisbane home to some of the best in the biz, you can create a bar experience that matches the magic of the rest of your wedding. Trust us, these guys are worth toasting.

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