Dreamworld Is Getting A Makeover And We Love What’s To Come

Dreamworld Is Getting A Makeover And We Love What’s To Come

24-hour entertainment and high tech rides? It’s a yes from us.

By Melissa Myrteza | 28th August 2018

Dreamworld has taken a solid hit in recent years with the tragic event of 2016. However, with such unfortunate moments come increased, rigid safety procedures like none other. It is still our most nostalgic childhood theme park and it always will be.

While this new look may seem in response to Dreamworld’s tragic event, it has actually been long-in-the-making. Expect more BIG things including high tech rides, a convenient hotel popping up, an amphitheatre in the works and, of course, the major shift from a humble theme park to Australia’s first 24-hour entertainment precinct.

With the end of 2018 comes a fresh new addition for the New Year. Preparations are underway for the newest technology in theme park rides to arrive in late 2018. Virtual reality has slowly grown from an unrealistic, expensive high tech gadget to an affordable, household accessory. A step up from the 2D world of Xbox and PlayStation (Halo is still epic though), you are entirely immersed in another world.

The Corroborree Virtual Reality Experience has already appeared as a sneak peek of what is to come. You are absorbed in an Indigenous world of storytelling through a local Indigenous family, bringing the world’s oldest culture to life. With 365-degree viewing, VR lives up to its rep. Guaranteed, you will never forget your first VR experience, especially if it is on the much-anticipated I-Ride.

Australia’s first theatre flying experience is set to hit the Southern Hemisphere and it’s as exciting as it sounds. Strapped into a world-class simulator, you will finally get to live all those (very real) magic carpet dreams. I-Ride has the ability to move at any and every angle as the simulator rolls over the spectacular Australian landscape, surging and swaying with flight. But don’t be fooled, the ten seated gondola is a step up from the big black disorienting goggles we all know. Full immersion can’t exclude the senses, with full sensory effects including wind, sound, light, mist and smells that will leave you in awe at the beauty of Australia. Let’s not forget it’s cheaper than a month-long holiday around the outback! For a taste of true Australian terrain and adventure from the comfort of the Gold Coast, we’d add this to your Christmas holiday bucket list.

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Article by Melissa Myrteza

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