Digital Editor's Picks | Safari style

Digital Editor's Picks | Safari style

Dreaming of the tropics? Us too!

By Lucy Stephens | 11th June 2015

Who doesn't love a public holiday? We've been relishing the joys of a shorter week in the office thanks to the Queen's Birthday public holiday on Monday. For me, having that extra day off allowed me to catch up on a lot of boring 'life-min' I was behind on - cleaning, paying tolls, researching health cover - and I (I've thought about this lots) genuinely reckon introducing a Monday off a month to the Protestant working week should be something the world considers in the future! Especially with everyone doing so much overtime these days, I feel like an extra day off would just make the world a better place.

Anyway, the public holiday also got me thinking - hypothetically - about what I could do with these three-day long weekends. Mini escapes down coast, a trip to the Sunshine Coast hinterland, or just catch up on life. Or even better yet, I'd be on safari somewhere, or soaking up the sun on an isolated tropical island in the middle of nowhere (I'm feeling warmer already). And that's how I came to this week's Ed's Picks theme. Safari-meets-tropical - from where you'd rather be...

Digital Editor's Picks | Tropical Trippin'

1. The Spencer Straw boater $45, Lack of Colour

This is too cute. I'm not sure how practical, but I would definitely give one of these a go at the races, the polo, or at a festival where I'm not likely to get too drunk and lose it. Or totally destroy it. Not that I engage in that type of behaviour.

2. Aztec Hanging Planter $21.95, Bylorik

What is it about plants that makes them so bloody hard to keep alive? I love plants, but I'm no good at looking after them which makes me worried for any potential human offspring I decide to give birth to in the future. At least the plant'll look good while it's alive in this.

3. Wanderlust print from $32 (unframed), May & Belle

I don't know if you ever truly cure a case of wanderlust or if it's a lifelong condition, but I'm happy to suffer from it for the rest of my life!

4. Michael Kors Slim Runway watch $349, David Jones

I'm not looking to trade in my Rose Gold Marc by Marc Jacobs anytime soon, but expanding my collection is definitely something I am interested in. First will be a new sports watch, followed by this beauty.

5. Slim zip textured gumboots in Ochre $229, Hunter gumboots Australia

I've always wanted a pair of these! Not required as part of your everyday Brisbane attire, but definitely part of your wardrobe if you work and live in the jungle - or even just in London.

6. Baku Rockefeller balconette bikini bra $104.96, and high waist pant $69.96

All this desk-dreaming has got me wistfully wander-lusting over a European summer. That, and the 57 Facebook friends who all seem to be enjoying summertime in Positano/Hvar/Mykonos at the moment. I reckon these have a certain European chic about them with the black and white geometric print and a modest bikini bottom, so they'd be just as at home on the beaches of Biarritz as they would in St Tropez.

7. Escano ottoman in caramel $595, Art Hide

I'm almost as obsessed with ottomans as I am cushions - and I don't actually own any (although I do own a couple of those ceramic stools which are almost purely ornamental). This one is stylish but also good quality.

8. Light Bulb planter $25, Mint Interior Design

Another gorgeous plant holder! Succulents are a little different though, in that they tend to thrive on neglect. So provided that's what I put in here, I should be fine. Right?

9. Southworld Chair in Ashbury Vintage Leather $3595, Laura Ashley

When we first moved into our new place, all my boyf wanted was a comfy armchair to read his books and newspapers (he's 26 going on 66). Unfortunately, we weren't able to fit one in the lounge in our teeny-tiny unit. But when the day comes to upgrade and we have a library in our house, I'll be making sure he gets his wish.

10. Emerald Garden  Queen sheet set $190, The Club of Odd Volumes

Bring your holiday home and into bed with you with this stylish botanical-inspired bedding. Match it with all white for an endless summer look, or bring in warmer tones through faux fur throws and knitted blankets to cosy it up.


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Article by Lucy Stephens

Lucy Stephens is a Senior Digital Journalist and Content Strategist at Style Magazines. She's a travel addict, considers gelato an appropriate meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (salted caramel, preferably), and suffers from a moderate to severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out).


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