Digital Editor's Picks | Marble Effect

Digital Editor's Picks | Marble Effect

Get luxe (or at least look the part) by embracing marble prints in home finds and fashion.

By Lucy Stephens | 16th July 2015

Marble has been massive for a little while, and I for one am obsessed with it. Marble is certainly nothing new - it's been around forever - so it seems funny that all of a sudden it's 'on-trend'. But whatever the reason for it, it seems to be the trend everyone is loving - our office included. In fact, a couple of colleagues and I have ordered marble print Macbook Skins, and we're even using it as part of the branding for a very exciting campaign we have coming up (my lips are sealed - you'll just have to watch this space for more!).

So, embracing all things marble (and marble-esqe) here's my fave edit of the trend for this week.

Marble Effect | Digital Editor's Picks

1. Marble Print Bandeau Pencil Dress $108, ASOS

I haven't fallen as madly in love with marble print fashion as I have with homewares - but I think that's because there's less around. This is cute and quite chic - and would be perfectly complemented by some gold or black accoutrements.

2. Lisa T marble clock $70, Target

My cheap department store homewares obsession is rearing it's pretty head again. I particularly like the wooden framing on this one - the thin black hands make it look like it's mega bucks rather than the not-so-exy $70 Target price tag.

3. Marble iPhone case $29.95, Uniqfind

So this is where we're looking at placing our Macbook Skins orders - based on a friends recommendation. I am also looking at getting a phone case, so to contrast the white marble of the skin I've already mentally invested in, I'll opt for the black in the iPhone case. I have a hard enough time trying to locate my various technological devices (iPad, laptop, iPhone) without them camouflaging against each other!

4. Marble round paddle $119.95, Salt & Pepper

I'm not quite sure if it's a chopping board or a serving plate, but I imagine it does both quite well (which is probably why they called it a paddle). Blue cheese, fresh figs, wafer thins - I can already envisage the spread!

5. 12 piece marble set $119.95, Salt & Pepper

This is more mastery from Salt & Pepper  - and I absolutely adore these. My current set is Kmart - and there's nothing wrong with that - but the entire set is beige and doesn't have quite the same appeal as this one does. At $119, it's not ridiculously overpriced either (but it is a trifle more than the $12 I paid a couple of years ago). Time for an upgrade!

6. Rectangle stone necklace $129, Country Road

This is a really subtle way to incorporate marble into your look if for whatever reason going all out scares you (it's just marble).

7. Harpers Project marble stool $299, Fenton & Fenton

I have only recently discovered Fenton & Fenton; they're a Melbourne based furniture, homewares store, stocking the likes of Jai Vasicek (my fave) and gorgeous marble stools like the one's pictured.

8. Marble look cannister $19.95, Hard To Find

This cannister is stunning - the two-tone wood and the gold marbling make this look extra-spesh, but it's the cheapest damn thing on this whole page!

9. Klein Accent Table $549, OzDesign

Accent table/bedside table/coffee table - paired with a black leather lounge, black and white cowhide rug and your living room gets an instant promotion from so-so to high society.

10. Marble and black leather pillowcase $44.46, PencilMeInStationery, Etsy

Yes, it's a cushion. This is a mix of marble and leather for an extra-luxe look.


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Article by Lucy Stephens

Lucy Stephens is a Senior Digital Journalist and Content Strategist at Style Magazines. She's a travel addict, considers gelato an appropriate meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (salted caramel, preferably), and suffers from a moderate to severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out).


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