Digital Editor's Picks | London Calling

Digital Editor's Picks | London Calling

I'm London-bound - and so are my Ed's Picks this week!

By Lucy Stephens | 13th August 2015

It’s my last week here at Style, which is for me a very bitter-sweet moment. I've enjoyed my four years here and learnt so much, but I am jetting off to experience life in London for 12 months plus, to enjoy the best Europe has to offer – gelato, croissants and beer predominantly – and get some experience in a similar field.

I fortunately have a British passport, so I am riding that all the way to the airport, while my partner (who’s from a teeny tiny atoll in the middle of the Pacific Island called Tokelau) is making tracks on a two year working Visa.

We’re not sure where we’ll settle just yet, or how long we’ll go for – which is in all honesty, as equally terrifying as it is exciting!

So as a tribute to my pending adventures in Ol Blighty and beyond (and my last Ed’s Picks – sob!) I’ve put together a little London-inspired compilation this week.

I’m jetting off on Tuesday August 18 – so if you get a chance, come say your farewells before then!

Digital Editor's Picks | London Calling

1) Jack Willis Union Jack Blazer approx $252, Asos

How cute is this? I came across this in my search for not-so-cheesy attire emblazoned with the Union Jack. The mixed denim of this makes it totally wearable without looking completely obvious that you've just arrived in London from Australia and are trying really hard to embrace the local culture - right?

2) Break Out Wide Brim Fedora $129, Mimco

The last time I went to Europe, I packed a felt, wide-brimmed hat into my suitcase. Of course, it arrived extremely crumpled and unwearable. This time though, I've realised my hat will need to come in hand (or at least in hand luggage). This one's probably not such a necessity for London as it will be for Santorini, Barcelona, Dubrovnik. You get the picture.

3) Miu Miu sunglasses $440, Sunglass Hut

My colleague Keith met Style owners Paul and Tracy while working for TNT Magazine in London, and his advice for me has been this: "Take a pair of sunglasses with you everywhere you go, 'cos you'll never know what time you'll get home." Based on that I can only imagine the fun these guys had working and experiencing London together. These sunnies are different from what I'd normally go for, but I've decided I need to branch out and try some new shapes, as I've pretty much always stuck to aviators and the odd cat eye. No idea what shape you'd call these  - but love 'em!

4) Notice board $79.99, Typo

This doesn't really fall into the colour scheme I was working with here, but I was inspired to include this after another colleague, Junita, said this reminded her of me. I do tend to have some pretty crazy/vivid dreams, and I love a good chinwag in the lunchroom with my fellow Stylers as I attempt to navigate and decipher dreams from the night before. I also liked this one because moving to London has always been a big dream of mine - and I'm about to go live it!

5) Asics Gel Kayano Trainer Evolution sneaker $159.95, Hype DC

Due to the fact I have terribly flat feet - and the fact that these shoes are just bloody awesome - Asics Kayano are my go-to jogger, and have been since my cross country days in high school. I've never seen them in white before, and I'm a little over my current ones which are a vivid purple, yellow and orange. I reckon white makes them as wearable as a stylish street shoe as they are as supportive running shoe. Two birds, one stone, no?

6) SK II Essential Power $250, David Jones

I've had to clean out all of my beauty products and whittle them down to just a handful for my journey to London. It made me realise I own a lot of crap - and not one good day time moisturiser! I've been using a serum, which is great in terms of its regenerative properties, but not overly moisturising. This stuff is the bees knees of beauty products - super nourishing, and at the same time anti-ageing. Just got to work on earning some big pounds, and then maybe I can make an investment.

7)  Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick $12.95, Priceline

I couldn't not include something from the Rimmel Kate Moss collection. I do have one of these in a pinky-taupey colour and I love it. Super creamy with lots of colour - plus at 13 bucks they're a steal.

8) Three speed bike $599, Chappelli

Ok, so this is without a doubt my favourite piece!  This Australian-made bike is considered a 'fixie' - but does have three gears. I'd love to get a bike and ride around London, but my poor mint green fixie is staying home. I might consider sending it via boat down the track. Or just purchasing one of these bad boys.

9) Hunter Original Tall Wellingtons $1179, The Iconic

So I hear it gets a little wet in London. Not sure how much people actually get around in these things in the city streets, but the first thing I thought of when putting this today was wellies. And here they are.

10) Block 2 Industrial Lights $1089, Curious Grace

I won't be investing in homewares for the next three months, but I thought this light was pretty cool. Waay out of my budget - but worth dreaming about (or adding to my Ed's Picks) in the very least.

Well, that's it for me. Thanks for reading, liking and sharing with me - catch you on the flipside!


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Article by Lucy Stephens

Lucy Stephens is a Senior Digital Journalist and Content Strategist at Style Magazines. She's a travel addict, considers gelato an appropriate meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (salted caramel, preferably), and suffers from a moderate to severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out).


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