Cynthia Morton's Weekly Word Vitamin | Jealousy

Cynthia Morton's Weekly Word Vitamin | Jealousy

Cynthia discusses why it's sometimes important to be there for yourself emotionally when others may make you feel abandoned.

By Cynthia Morton | 27th November 2015

JEALOUSY can only exist when we forget our individual worth, emotionally self-abandon and lack self-confidence.

An unsettling emotion, JEALOUSY is often an unwelcome silent guest at many people’s relationship tables. So it's a word worth reviewing today to ensure we're all just a little more compassionately aware of this common heart wound.

Feeling that we will eventually be made redundant and be replaced when someone more interesting or compliant comes along is a big part of we call JEALOUSY.

JEALOUS people have had important people in their past choose favourites, gang up and abandon them. The JEALOUS heart will need tenderness and patience for it to be able to fully heal.

Feeling equal, valued and loved no matter what we do wrong is one of the greatest gifts one human being can give and receive. So let’s focus on doing this for ourselves and others a little more moving forward?

Many of us silently struggle with JEALOUSY and remembering our value when life gets too busy. The emotional wear and tear of everyday life leaves many normally balanced hearts feeling fragile from time to time.

So let’s slow down and take time to remember to hold our own hand if we are feeling left out and our JEALOUSY is surfacing. The relief from feeling discarded or invisible will come when we become our own portable, loving and reassuring parental voice. We need to speak with gentle wisdom to ourselves and as we commit to this private process.

JEALOUSY is nothing more than the fear of abandonment and needs to be understood with compassion not shame. Feelings of abandonment will dissolve as we face them, not add to them by beating ourselves up and self-abandoning when JEALOUSY arises, as this is when we need inner comfort more than ever.

JEALOUSY will eventually leave us alone when we replace self-doubt with self-respect.

Others will leave our lives from time to time but, love will not leave us if the inner flow of love from ourselves to ourselves is strong. The great news is we can now learn to emotionally be here for ourselves all day everyday and the most important person's approval we require in our lives is our own!

Let's remember that we are warm, funny, reliable, fiercely protective, generous, and wise in our own way. We, more than anyone else need to be deeply compassionate towards our hearts tender and vulnerably beautiful places.

So let's pay ourselves the respect we deserve by enjoying and embracing the warm and reliable flow of our own self-love today. One last tip that's helpful to remember; JEALOUSY arises only when we focus on counting someone else's blessings forgetting to count our own.

I wish you beauty calm and peace.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx


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Article by Cynthia Morton

Cynthia Morton is an award-winning wordsmith and speaker, highly skilled in the art of improving emotional fitness through her heart-warmingly healing workshops, storytelling and private sessions.


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