9 Activities To Do With The Kids That You'll Actually Enjoy Too

9 Activities To Do With The Kids That You'll Actually Enjoy Too

Wouldn’t you prefer the Oktoberfest Brisbane KiderZone to the McDonald’s playground?

By Rafael Pratt | 7th September 2017

Looking for some great activities for kids in Brisbane? Wanting to explore your community and expose the little ones to some awesome cultural activities? With the return of beautiful spring weather, now is the perfect time to experience all the most exciting activities for kids in Brisbane, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best upcoming cultural experiences for you and your kids to get behind! From Oktoberfest Brisbane to GOMA, your kids will be bursting with so much culture that they’ll be teaching you things.

Oktoberfest Brisbane | Bowen Hills

Grab your lederhosen! Oktoberfest Brisbane may not seem like a family-friendly destination for children of all ages, but trust us - this is definitely a hot spot you need to check out! This year’s KinderZone is better than ever with a cute-to-boot petting zoo, a puppet theatre inspired by the classic German “Kasperl-theater”, as well as a host of all the classic kids rides, face painting and a hell of a lot more. Have a beer whilst teaching your kids about traditional German culture! And with all children under 18 admitted with free entry, it’s not only culturally significant but also cheap on the wallet.

Nepalese Peace Pagoda | Southbank

Looking for a bit of quintessential Brisbane history tied in with some other international culture? The Nepalese Peace Pagoda is a fantastic activity for the kids of Brisbane. Carved by 160 Nepalese families over two years, the Nepalese Pagoda was the Kingdom of Nepal’s contribution to World Expo 88. The Pagoda weighs in at 80-tonnes of hand-carved Nepalese timber (‘Terai’, found in the southern jungles of Nepal) and is as visually impressive as you might expect. This is some incredible exposure for children to the artistic capabilities of other cultures, their generosity, and their relationships with Brisbane. This intricate Peace Pagoda is located at the northwestern end of the parklands, nestled amongst the rainforest, and is a vibrant area to explore.

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Mao’s Last Dancer Exhibition | South Brisbane

The exhibition for the legendary Li Cunxin is a must-see for cultural education. One of the most infamous dancers of recent history, Mao’s Last Dancer is a beautiful exhibition and portrayal of Li Cunxin’s life. The exhibition tells the story of Li’s poverty-stricken start in communist China through to his current position as Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet. This journey involved the revoking of his Chinese citizenship, a 16-year stint with the Houston Ballet, love, children and much more. The exhibition features unseen interviews with Li’s family, colleagues, original objects and documents from Li’s personal archives, and of course, plenty of footage of Li in his element at the height of his career.

Good Food Club: First Foods with Yerongpan Dancers | South Brisbane

As part of the Tastes Like Sunshine program at the Museum of Brisbane, First Foods with Yerongpan Dancers is an awesome opportunity to learn some of Australia’s first people’s history and culture, an integral part of any young Australian’s education. The Good Food Club is working in collaboration with Karen Perks, Dale Chapman and the Yerongpan Dancers to introduce viewers to traditional foods and culture. The Yerongpan Dancers use dance along with traditional tools to impart the importance of food in their culture and how it continues to inspire their art even in modern Australia. The Good Food Club will also accompanied by acoustic music and an afternoon-tea hosted by West End Tea Company, BNE Soda Co. and Nodo Donuts.

Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum | South Brisbane

If you’re looking for a bit more of an ancient cultural education, then Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum is guaranteed to be a kids favourite! The exhibition hosts 120+ artefacts, interactive games and displays, and takes you through the lives of these gladiators, where they lived, how they trained and more. From the ashes of Pompeii come incredibly well preserved decorated armour, helmets and even original arms. Get along to the Queensland Museum to show the kids this incredible ancient history exhibition exploring four major themes: Origin And Development Of Gladiatorial Games; Gladiators; The Colosseum And The Amphitheatre Of The Roman Empire; and One Day In The Arena. This exhibit is sure to inspire your children’s imagination and peak their interest in the rich history of The Roman Empire.

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Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology | Caboolture

If you’re happy to head down to Caboolture for a bit of cultural exploration, then the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology is an excellent dig. Hosting one of the biggest ancient and classical histories in the world, The Abbey Museum is one of Brisbane’s best cultural attractions. With so much to see and discover, The Abbey Museum can easily absorb your attention for a full day. Starting in the world of our prehistoric hunters and first farmers, journey through the Bronze Age to the rise of the Roman Empire, the Medieval Saxons, the Norman invasion, straight through to the golden age of Europe’s renaissance – even checking in at the British Empire and Industrial Revolution! This is only a small snapshot of everything you can explore, and we strongly suggest checking their website out for information on their school holiday programs, historical events, medieval banquets and award winning medieval festival.

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Time and Tides Exhibition at GOMA | South Brisbane
 2 Sep 2017 – 5 Aug 2018

The Time and Tides Exhibition at GOMA is a fantastic opportunity to educate your children on some of the rich culture and history of the Torres Strait Islander people. Reflecting upon the maritime environment that is integral to their culture, some of these Torres Strait Islander artists have utilised a long local tradition of skilful woodcarving to create intricate prints. Also on display are ‘Zamiyakal’ (‘dance machines’), which are complex and intricate objects worn to enhance visual excitement during their traditional narrative performances. This exhibition is free so there are no excuses not to check it out!

Fort Lytton National Park | Lytton

For a bit less international history and something a little more local, Fort Lytton National Park holds a rich history as an important historical Brisbane site. Constructed in 1881, the fort’s main function was the defence of Brisbane and the port from naval attack. The Fort Lytton Military Museum has been in operation since 1990 and has a collection of over 2000 items spread over the park and includes 6 gun pits, 2 shelter structures and several open-air locations. This is another free cultural event for you and the kids, although some of the park can only be shown on guided tours. Get down to Lytton to discover a piece of Brisbane history.

Ottaba Llama Walks | Ottaba

Have you done all of these things before? If you’ve made it to the end of the list then you and your kids would be cultural experts by this point! However, we still think you need to get a little more Brisbane culture in your bones. What better way to do that then on an Ottaba Llama walk? A fun and dorky way to get outdoors with the family, the llamas are gentle, social creatures who’ve been used as pack animals in South America for hundreds of years. Ottaba Llama Walks have a 2/3km Walk in the Brisbane Valley as well as a 4/5km walk. Coming soon is the Wivenhoe Walk, with winery walks followed by wine tasting and nibbles. They even have wedding Llamas, party Llamas and drama Llamas. What’s that? You’ll have to go to their website to find out.

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