We Sat Down With The Lead Singer Of Cub Sport For A Hot Second

We Sat Down With The Lead Singer Of Cub Sport For A Hot Second

Killing the game!

By Melissa Myrteza | 17th October 2019

2019 has been a massive year for Brisbane band Cub Sport and Tim Nelson, Zoe Davis, Sam ‘Bolan’ Netterfield and Dan Puusaari have become iconic names in the Australian music scene. Formally known as ‘Cub Scouts’ (a play on the fact they looked like children) until they hit a legal bump, unfortunately sounding too familiar to Scouts Australia, they eventually landed on the name we all know and love; Cub Sport.

They are local liberators, twisting tunes for equality and sharing their love of doggos. With their two upcoming sets at Lost Paradise and Beyond the Valley over New Years, we’ve got the inside muso news for you. From empowering lyrics to challenging tunes, expect their new music to be released before the end of the year! We sat down with lead singer, Tim, to talk band life, music magic and Cub Sport secrets.


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Sound influences?

My favourite artists right now are Frank Ocean, Leonard Cohen, Solange, Kanye, Brockhampton, Mallrat, Perfume Genius, Ariana and The Blaze. I feel like Cub Sport probably sits somewhere in the middle of all of those influences.

How do you guys like to party?

Chill vibes with good friends

Favourite location to play at in Brisbane?

We played at The Tivoli twice on our Australian tour in April and it was such a dream come true. The Riverstage is one of my fave Brisbane venues too, I’m excited for the day when we headline there.

Favourite places to go out in Brisbane?

One of my favourite things about Brisbane is how many parks and nature reserves we have. Sunsets at New Farm Park are my fave.

What is the craziest story that has happened while touring?

It’s not really that ~crazy~ but we’ve had a bunch of people come to shows with presents for our dogs Missy and Evie. It’s so cute! Now they have toys from all around the world.

Pre or post show rituals?

We drink nice hot drinks and usually do some sort of physical warm up and a vocal warm up in the hour before we go on stage.


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Where did the name Cub Sport come from?

When we first launched the band we were called Cub Scouts. It was kind of a play on the fact that we looked like literal children. In 2013 Scouts Australia sent us a legal letter saying we couldn’t use the word scout in our name, so we ran through hundreds of alternatives and landed on Cub Sport. It felt a bit weird at first but I feel like we’ve really grown into the name and it’s so perfect for us now. Something about it feels hella gay too so it’s very fitting lol

Favourite song to perform?

I have so many favourites but right now I think they’re As Long As You’re Happy, Lift Me Up, Party Pill, Come On Mess Me Up, Summer Lover, Chasin’, Sometimes - basically the whole set!

Go-to for pre’s?

It would probably be Limousine, it’s got some serious house vibes.

Tips for any young bands starting out?

Be true to yourself creatively, follow your gut, be authentic, see set-backs or missed opportunities as the universe guiding you to something even better that’s meant for you.

Favourite artist or band at the moment?

Frank Ocean - it’s always Frank Ocean and probably always will be. His voice, his lyrics, the production, the fact that he’s queer.

What advice would you give to your younger selves?

Be kind to yourself and to others

Who are your top three artists in your Spotify?

Okay I just checked, for the last 4 weeks it’s Frank Ocean, Solange and Raveena. For the last 6 months it’s Cub Sport, Frank Ocean and Ariana Grande. Mallrat and Kevin Abstract are 4 and 5.


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Is there an item you guys always have to take with you on tour?

Bolan and I bring a little pouch of our smaller crystals on the road with us!

Favourite things to do when you get back home to Brisbane?

Cook, lots of dog walks in the forest, relaxing

Where was your first gig?

The first gig we all played together was under the name Tim Nelson, it was upstairs at a PCYC in a venue called The Hive. I think there would have been about 10 people watching, I was sitting down at an 88-key keyboard for the whole set - it was a very different vibe hehe

What are your plans for the future?

World domination! We’re gonna keep releasing music, touring, making videos - keep doing it all ‘til we’re playing to thousands of people around the world.

Who has the highest screen time in the band?

I feel like that would probably be me (Tim). I do all our social media from my phone, emails, writing lyrics, recording, editing music videos, making visual mood-boards, doing interviews etc. I love my phone lol

Do you have any exciting band news you can let us in on?

I’m always working on new music, so the next era of Cub Sport is probably not too far off!

Check out their latest song while you're at it!



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Article by Melissa Myrteza

Mel always has one eye on the grooviest happenings around town and the other one on the best foodie hotspots. When she’s not crossing another country off her bucket list, she’s either reading, eating Genkotsu Ramen or sippin’ on a glass of red.


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