Is Content Really King In 2019?

Is Content Really King In 2019?

Here's the royal word on content.

By Tracy Sinclair | 10th June 2019

Content, content, content – how many times have you heard this and wondered what the heck it’s all about? Is it really that important? Should you be doing more of it?

Put simply, content is communication. And like all communication, the better your choice of words, imagery and delivery, the better chance you have of attracting, engaging and keeping customers. Superb, well-crafted content will make customers see you, make them like you and make ‘em come back for more (and build customer and brand loyalty).

So yeah, content is King and it’s super important. 

Do you need more of it? Probably.

If you’re running a business (and I know, many of us are trying to reach that nirvana of not working in the business, but rather on the business) the reality is, most of us are working hard in it every day – so who has time to imagine, write, curate, deliver and track content? Actually let’s cut to the chase, who has time to even think about content?

Ummm, we do! And it’s totally our jam.

[Insert shameless plug] You probably already know our printed magazine Style and our digital platforms, however behind the scenes we also have a dedicated department of creatives who produce a tonne of content for a range of industries. Our talented team of writers, designers and strategists has got to be one of the busiest in Brisbane – which is the reason why we rebranded to Style Media – a creative agency. Our niche is the property sector – particularly retail, residential and retirement and we count some of the largest global companies among our clients.

Creativity aside, we also take a strategic marketing approach, focused on distributing relevant and consistent content such as videos, blogs, eDMs and social media posts. We focus on the most effective methods of sharing and receiving content to attract prospects and turn them into customers. 

So what type of content do we produce? Here’s a sample in a nutshell...

Social Media content and management – we’ll run your whole social media shebang for you! We’ll produce a content plan, post, monitor, engage, respond and manage your social community.

Blog Content – we can create a one-off article or create a content bank of evergreen articles for your website – all optimised for SEO, ensuring that our headlines are on point and will be searched.

Photoshoots – we produce and manage everything from small to large scale photoshoots (and videography) for any category – fashion, products, retirement villages, food styling, homewares and interiors, and property.

eDM content and management – including design and build.

Campaign creation – we combine imagination and innovation with results-driven strategy to deliver effective marketing campaigns.

Print and digital magazines – yes, magazines are surviving the digital age and are an incredible way to showcase product, interviews and other inspiring content! 

Although we believe that content is definitely King, we also believe that quality content is the King’s crown. Quality content brings value to the audience, so you can start to lay a foundation of brand loyalty and trust, build a relationship with people and ultimately create a community that become raving fans. Your social communities can become your strongest advocates. When your audience starts to engage, express and share, we turn the fans into customers.

And that’s the royal word on content.

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Article by Tracy Sinclair

Our kiwi-born editor and director Tracy is the backbone of the company, she’s passionate about all aspects of the business and her hard-work is admirable. With her wild hair and her Givenchy handbag, she’s ready to take on every day with the help of 10 cups of earl grey and hot chips, of course! She’s always rockin’ a killer outfit and inspiring everyone in the office with her craziness and enthusiasm - she’s definitely one of a kind and always in high demand at Style HQ!