It’s no secret that here at Style we love a bit of pop culture. So much so that a cheeky Friday afternoon chat about the latest Kardashian gossip is one of our favourite past-times. If it’s ridiculous, we love it; and if it’s far-fetched we love it even more. What can I say, we’re just suckers for a good story.

So, what better way to kick-start a year of impending celebrity catastrophes than with our list of pop culture predictions for 2018? From circular iPhones to Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, we’re predicting a rollercoaster ride of emotions in 2018. So, strap in kids, this is gonna be one hell of a journey.

1. Tammy Hembrow and her family will get their own reality television show (why not kick-start this list with something that actually seems possible, right?).

2. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will get engaged and not a single person will be shocked.

2_Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

Image: Giphy

3. Leonardo DiCaprio will step outside of his comfort zone and date a brunette (I volunteer as tribute).

3_Leonardo DiCaprio

4. Apple will completely change the game and release the first ever circular iPhone. Everyone will instantly love it and then subsequently start complaining about it two days later.

4_Round iPhone

5. Along with The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, Channel Ten will debut their new program: Bachelor Kids.

5_Bachelor Kids

6. Kylie Jenner will turn out to be Kim and Kanye’s surrogate (hey, with this family, anything is possible).

6_Kylie Kim Surrogate

7. Oprah will announce her presidential candidacy.

7_Oprah 2020

8. Not one to be outdone by the Queen of daytime television, The Rock will also announce his presidential candidacy.

8_The Rock 2020

9. Brangelina will shockingly reunite and adopt two more children.


10. Schapelle Corby will audition for The Voice. She’ll sing “Innocent Eyes” by Delta Goodrem and only Delta will turn around.

10_Schapelle Corby The Voice

11. Trump will deactivate and reactivate his Twitter eight times, giving you flashbacks of when you used to sign in and out of MSN to get your crush’s attention.

11_Donald Trump Twitter

12. Snapchat will keep bringing out updates that everyone hates. Eventually, the program will become obsolete. Instagram will be subtly smirking in the background.

12_Snapchat Update

13. Netflix will create a new category called “Lighthearted yet entertaining plots you can keep up with while staring at your phone”.


14. Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy will get engaged, then promptly break up.

14_ Sophie Monk

15. The rah-rah skirt à la Supre 2005 will hang in every girl’s wardrobe by December 2018.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

16. An acoustic cover of “The Horses” will continue to play at every Sunday session around Australia. Not one person will get sick of it.

16_Horses Daryl Braithwaite

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