The Ultimate Christmas Gifts That Won’t Cost You A Cent!

The Ultimate Christmas Gifts That Won’t Cost You A Cent!

Giving doesn’t have to be expensive.

By Melissa Myrteza | 18th December 2018

Christmas is approaching and shoppers are already in a manic. It’s crowded, car parks are sparse and you never know what to get! Most people experience that dreaded sense that consumerism has taken over and we are buying for the sake of buying, rather than choosing something someone will genuinely appreciate. What better way to avoid the shopping frenzy this year than trying out zero-waste, zero-cost gifts? Let’s get back to the roots of Christmas gifting.

While it is so rewarding getting someone a gift you know they will adore, the little voice of uncertainty can always pop up, questioning your present choice. Are we just wasting money not knowing they will really love it? We’ve created this short little list of gifting ideas for meaningful presents that won’t cost a dime! Whether you are on a tight budget or you are wanting to try something a little different this year, these gift ideas are for you. Get crafty, get thrifty, and show how much you care a little differently this year!


Before we get into the gifts themselves, let’s talk about wrapping without a price tag. While some like to carefully unpeel and recycle the wrapping they once received, others bask in the joy of ripping through that coloured paper, showing no mercy to the pink ribboning. If you’ve saved some paper, re-gift it! Otherwise, upcycle that newspaper your parents gazed over on the weekend, or select pages you loved out of an old magazine. We’d like to think we’re rather crafty.


While this may be more relevant to the book nerds among us, there is also potential here for the less avid readers. If you’ve torn through the pages of a recent read and all you could think to yourself was, who can I pass this godly creation on to? Then actually do it! Share your novel, cover to cover that has sacred words and meaning to you onto someone who you know will appreciate it. If you’re not positive they will love it, take a leap! Do you really end up re-reading anyways?

For those that don’t have an overflowing bookshelf, hit up a local free book stand. These guys come in all names, shapes and sizes, outside coffee shops, shopping centres and the likes. If you’ve seen one nearby, check it out. Their motto is to take a book, share a book, and it’s all about sharing reads and we love it. If you don’t have a book to replace the one you’ve chosen with, put it on the backburner and go back when you’ve found one (think parents & nan’s house). If you see one you know someone special might like, pick it up!

If neither of these solutions has been successful for you, get your thrift on! Head to your local second-hand store and browse their large libraries for a read that won’t break the bank.


If you’ve caught onto the indoor plant obsession phase, then this is up your alley. If you’ve got a spare pot lying around and a cute little green stem in the garden just dying for repotting, a little pot plant is a great present idea! Otherwise, get your propagating on! Propagating is taking a cutting from a plant you have that will regrow into a second plant. Pretty crazy, we know. If you’re down a pot, raid the kitchen for an empty glass jar, remove the label with hot water and soap and you’re ready to go. The next step is finding an indoor plant. If you’ve got a vine draping off something in the house, that will be easiest. Cut off a leaf or two just below the node (we’d recommend watching a YouTube video before snipping) and pop that little root into your glass jar filled with water and watch those new roots grow! New life, zero waste.

You, on a silver platter

If you’re struggling to find something that will really make a difference this Christmas, offer up your services to someone you love. Whether it’s a cousin that loves when you babysit or a lawn that needs mowing, get crafty and make a booklet of your services. IOU three evenings of babysitting. You will make more than one person smile, guaranteed. It’s simple, it’s authentic and it’s realistic.

It’s all about the tunes

By the end of the year, we have had a LOT of good music released. A thoughtful gift idea would be crafting your special someone a Spotify playlist, made just for them! Pick and choose the tunes you think they will love, from any genre and any year. It shows that you have been thinking about them and will mean 10 times more than another keep cup.

There is so much more that you can do to show your appreciation for your loved ones without spending a sent! It isn’t a stingy gift if it’s back with loads of meaning and love, so get your craft on and do Christmas a little differently this year!

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Article by Melissa Myrteza

Mel always has one eye on the grooviest happenings around town and the other one on the best foodie hotspots. When she’s not crossing another country off her bucket list, she’s either reading, eating Genkotsu Ramen or sippin’ on a glass of red.


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