Christmas Decorating with Shaynna Blaze

Christmas Decorating with Shaynna Blaze

Sometimes simplicity is key!

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 14th November 2016

We can only imagine what Christmas would look like for interior design expert and house blitzing reality television star Shaynna Blaze.

We chat to The Block judge about the design that can make a house a home, her styling tips for the festive season and how to pick Christmas décor that will last through the seasons.

When it comes to home design, what inspires you? 
The space and the people who live in it. When working in a home, the building speaks to you, and also connecting with the floorplan (or if there is such a big disconnection - changing it). Feeling the environment that is outside and making sure there is a link between interiors and exteriors. When designing, I mostly look at creating the “soul” that the family or home owners are going to live with.

Do you have a favourite decade, theme or aesthetic?
I have a mixture of what I love, and that is classic interiors. Timeless but also decorative details from the Victorian and Neo-classical era (think Versailles) and then bring it into this century with modern colours, textures and a sense of simplicity in the furniture.

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In your opinion, what do you believe makes good home design?
Time, effort and you. Good design is about working with the people in the home and how the space is going to bring value to your life. It also takes thought and time to bring it all together, so don’t rush the overall look and feel to an interior. Yes, you do a room and paint in a weekend but take time to think and prepare beforehand.

Coming into the festive season, many people hosting Christmas parties are keen to decorate their homes. How do you approach holiday decorating?
I take the stress out by working out, not trying to re-invent the wheel and compete with others on the “best-dressed”. There is something nostalgic about bringing out all the old decorations and having the rest of the family help put it together. I have so many I have collected over the years that I tend to rotate some looks and colours so it does seem different. I must admit the tinsel gets a bit sad over the years so I do refresh that every couple of years and the kids don’t live at home now, so there won’t be too many helping hands. Christmas is about twinkling lights, a wreath at the door, and a tree and lots of love and laughter. Any more than that is a bonus, but if you don’t have the time, put the decorations into the food and table décor as that is where a big focus will be – Bed Bath N’ Table has some great items that will last you through the seasons.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

What are your tips for Christmas decorating on a budget and is it worth sticking with a theme?
When you are sticking to a budget, the best advice is to stick to one colour as your theme – all reds or golds or whites or blues, as if you stick to one colour it can look very classy and classic. When you overload the house with a lot of colours and decorations, if you don’t take time and balance it all it can look like it has fallen out of the bag and plonked there. It doesn’t matter if you’ve splurged on a big piece or found a steal at Ikea or Kmart: simplicity is the key if you don’t have a lot to splash on decorating.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

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