From humble beginnings, Kara Hynes, better known as her former Instagram handle Lulu Lucky, always had a pencil and paper in hand. Ever since she could remember, Kara has been styling. From sketching clothing with the dream of becoming a fashion designer to going over concepts and colour schemes with her mum to decorate her room when she was younger, Kara says her concepts were always wild, even back then.

Kara’s creative career path began after she finished school and studied horticulture to become a florist before she moved into event styling.

“Brisbane wasn’t quite so progressive back then and I remember my ideas being slightly frowned upon for being too left of field for most people,” Kara says.

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“I have never studied styling as I truly believe it’s something you either have a natural eye for or not.”

Over time, Kara has gained a reputation in the industry for creating an aesthetic that is uniquely her own, which she says has evolved, changed and matured over time. Using Instagram as a tool to float ideas and creative concepts, Kara quickly gained a following that now exceeds 23k.

“I’ve met so many other talented creatives which has lead to so many doors opening for me,” she says.

After striking up a friendship with interior designer, Anna Spiro, who she describes as a huge support in the early days, she was introduced to the clever people behind Halcyon House in Cabarita Beach.

“I worked with them for close to two years across both Halcyon House and many of their other creative endeavors, which was an invaluable experience for me and a huge growth opportunity – one that I will always be grateful for.”

Photography: Kara Hynes

Photography: Kara Hynes

From working with people, places and spaces as a stylist and photographer to producing brand ideas and illustrative work as a creative director, Kara is constantly learning and honing her craft.

“Once I have my mind made up that I am going to learn or do something, I can’t help but thrust myself into it wholeheartedly and teach myself,” Kara comments.

“I like to work quickly and get the ball rolling and keep that momentum going throughout a project no matter how big or small it is.”

Combining her love for styling and photography with her background in horticulture, Kara recently launched an online print store, an idea she’s had for quite some time.

“I have a huge love of flowers, so it was only fitting that my first collection be based around that,” she says.

Photography: Kara Hynes

Photography: Kara Hynes

“Some of my fondest childhood memories are surrounded by flowers and I have so many feelings attached to the scents and certain flowers that I have included in the collection.”

With her new collection on its way and some exciting collaborations in the works, it’s clear Kara isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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