We Chat to the Guys Behind FitazFK

We Chat to the Guys Behind FitazFK

Get ready to feel inspired!

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 23rd February 2017

When you’re feeling a little sluggish, the thought of facing the gym or personal trainers is enough to turn you off exercise altogether, even if you want to be FitazFK.

Ex-athlete entrepreneurs Georgio Batsinilas and Aaron McAllister are passionate about proving that a natural approach to training is key to helping the body function better.

With a combined 30 years of industry experience behind them, they decided to transform the dreaded workout into a fun and easy exercise with their FitazFK method.

FitazFK is an online "Insta-business". In 2015, Georgio and Aaron launched their first 28-day guide, which offered a unique program setting out 28-minute exercises, nutrition and diet information to transform lifestyles. Since then, they’ve taken things to the next level with a new eight-week guide that will get users FitazFK, not just Fitaz.

We caught up with the pair to find out what it’s really like to be FitazFK.

5 minutes with Georgio Batsinilas and Aaron McAllister

G: Yiorgi
A: Fitaz or Azza

Hit the D-floor when the DJ plays…
G: Anything Greek.
A: Anything MJ.

Happy place?
Both: Love being around the beach.

What does a day in your life look like?
G: I wake up usually around 6am, eat my Weet-Bix and head to the gym [to train with] a group of people. After training, we eat at a cafe somewhere in West End and then head in to work around 8.30. Work is pretty hectic for the first half of the day and the second half of the day tends to be more meeting-based. Work normally finishes around 6pm, [and I sometimes have] soccer training in the arvo.
A: Up at 6am for 30 minutes of yoga or meditation to start the day. Work at 8.30am through ’til 6pm, then training again, then Muay Thai, soccer or weights.

What can you not live without?
G: The ability to travel.
A: It is apparent that I cannot live without coffee as I have given it up this week and I am dying!

When and how do you unwind from work?
G: It’s a little hard as a lot of our work is done on the phone. But when I do, I tend to find a movie is a good way.
A: I like to train and then chill with my wife after work. On the weekend I feel the beach helps me unwind the most.

What advice do you have for others looking to start in the industry?
G: Fall in love with what you do.
A: Build your brand and develop your message first and then develop your audience by sharing some strong content.

Who do you love following on Insta?
G: I love following friends mostly, and my brother on @batsfishing.
A: @notoriousmma and my gorgeous wife @yasminangelika.

What would be your dream app?
G: The one we are going to launch early next year. Watch this space!
A: I need to work on my flexibility so something to help me with that.

Take us through your ultimate weekend.
G: It would involve a trip to the Gold Coast, having all the boys down and just doing whatever we want when we want. Mixing it up with soccer on the beach, swimming, FIFA in the arvo followed by coffee at Broadbeach. Heading out that night for dinner and waking up to do it all over again.
A: Finishing work early and heading to Palm Beach, Currumbin. Having a meal and some drinks as the sun sets.

If you had a private plane waiting, where would you go?
G: Go visit my Yiayia (Grandmother) in Kythera, the Greek Island where my parents are from.
A: That’s a hard one. Greece or Brazil are my favourite holiday destinations, or Ireland to see my family.

My secret fitness weapon is?
G: Consistency and training in the am.
A: Integrating fitness so it is a part of my lifestyle

I like to break a sweat by…
G: Doing park workouts.
A: Punching and kicking pads.

Can’t live without?
G: Family.
A: Coffee.

Your all-time fave read/movie?
G: I’ve just recently finished reading one of Muhammad Ali’s biographies.
A: Django Unchained.

A great lunch is…
G: Anything seafood!
A: With friends

The dish you always order?
G: It varies, but I usually ensure there is an even split of macronutrients.
A: Avocado and eggs and toast for brekky!

Your coffee/smoothie order and where to get it?
G: Morning After does a good green smoothie.
A: Small long black with a dash of milk.

The ultimate date night?
G: Dinner and Netflix and chill.
A: Sunset drinks and dinner in Santorini.

Favourite place to shop in Brisbane?
G: Westfield Carindale.
A: Hype or Nike. I love shoes!

What was the last thing you purchased as a treat to yourself?
G: New kicks.
A: A trip to Bali with my wife!

When I was little I wanted to be…
Both: A professional soccer player.

Best advice you’ve received?
G: Always make your bed. It’s the first thing you do in the morning so it helps you to not be lazy.
A: Always do the right thing.

Get your daily dose of fitness Inspo to keep you FitazFK here.

The new FitazFK 8-Week Guide is officially available online for $44 USD (normally $56 USD) for a limited time only. The guide is currently being used by global influencers such as Bianca Booth, Sabo Skirt founders Thessy and Yiota, and The Bachelor's Noni Janur.

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