Centre Stage with Snow White’s Verity Jacobson

Centre Stage with Snow White’s Verity Jacobson

We step inside Ballet Preljocaj’s production of Snow White with Verity Jacobson to explore the entrancing choreography of the International series at QPAC this September.

By Christie Sutherland | 24th August 2016

What does it feel like to be a part of the prestigious Ballet, Snow White?

It’s wonderful to be a part of such a monumental work. The collaboration of the music, costumes and choreography really makes for a magical experience. I hope the Australian audience will love the show just as much as we love to perform it.

Can you tell us a bit about your role in the ballet and how you became a part of this incredible production?


In Snow White I play one of the Queen’s cats. There are two of us and we are exceptionally mischievous while we prowl around each other and at the feet of our master. My cat partner’s name is Margaux and I have worked closely with her before in Romeo and Juliette where we were Juliette’s nannies. Since then we have formed a great partnership and are able to work efficiently together.

What is it like before a Ballet Preljocaj performance of Snow White?

Being the leading company in contemporary ballet it must be a special moment…
The cast is quite large for Snow White therefore it is hard to get everybody together to have a moment to unite before a performance. Generally, the dancers have their own ways of preparing and as a group we trust each other for that.

Being surround by such creativity must make you love what you do, how many performances do you do when you are in QLD?

Yes, and I’m also blessed with working with many international dancers so it makes for a wonderful and dynamic work environment, it’s absolutely rewarding.
While we are in QLD we have nine shows.

What is one of your favourite moments in the Snow White performance?

For me, the duets of Snow White and the Prince are absolutely breathtaking. They leave me in awe every time I watch them.

I love the drama that the costumes by Jean Paul Gultier hold, does this help bring your characters to life?

A photo posted by QPAC (@atqpac) on

Absolutely it does. For the cats we are zipped into a black, super sleek unitard with a hand-knitted mask that has two pointy ears. The slipperyness of the suit helps us to deviously glide across the floor.

What is it like to be pushing boundaries on stage with such a renowned company?

I feel really lucky to be a part of this company. It’s really exciting to be consumed by one mans choreography instead of many choreographers like in other companies - you really get to delve deeper into understanding his way of creating, his way of listening to bodies and what inspires him to create. I enjoy learning old and new works by Angelin, they vary quite a bit so I am continuously challenged mentally and physically.

What is your favourite emotion that this version of Snow White expresses to the audience?

This version of Snow White, which is inspired by the Grimm Brothers version, is undoubtedly darker and somewhat brutal. It conveys many emotions but I love the remorseless attitude the Queen has, the energy she brings to the stage is incredible.

Have you been to Brisbane before and is there anything you love about our city?

I have been to Brisbane a couple of times but only for a day or two, so I am really looking forward to spending time here. The company is lucky enough to travel internationally and nationally quite regularly. We are continuously swapping from show to show and generally every week or two we are somewhere different unless we are remounting a work.



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