The Car You Should Drive Based On Your Star Sign

The Car You Should Drive Based On Your Star Sign

Because we don’t do anything without consulting the stars first.

By Siobhan Taylor | 9th November 2017

When it comes to the big decisions (Can I wear jumpsuits? Should I go to that party this weekend? Is it time to get a new car?) we utilise all your normal reasoning methods: we talk with our friends, we get professional advice, and we refer to Google. But sometimes we need a little extra reassurance, which is why we often find ourselves consulting the stars for a little celestial-insight and higher knowledge. And, if there’s one thing we sorely need advice on, it’s whether or not we should be upgrading our car. While we could just read buying guides online, we’d prefer to check our horoscope to discover what car we should be buying based on our star sign. The system is flawless.

If you’ve been considering taking the dive and upgrading your wheels, read on for a celestial look at what car you should be driving.


One of the most creative and artistic signs, Aries’ are ruled by their desire to express themselves creatively and be unique! Equal parts artistic and quirky, your friends often describe you as a bit of a hipster (much to your chagrin). Original, classic, bold and individual, Aries’ feel most comfortable in cute and classic models that throwback to bygone days, such as the iconic Volkswagen Beetle.


Something of a lone wolf, you value your personal space and time alone. Nothing is more important than your freedom, and as such you refuse to sacrifice your ability to roam free. While you might be a bit standoffish, when you open up to someone you let them in completely and they become part of your life for better or worse. You need a car that is as adventurous as you are, perfect for long road trips with the rooftop down. Grab someone you love, roll down the windows of the sport and sexy Mazda MX-5, and head out onto the open road.


One of the most versatile and dependable of all star-signs, Gemini’s are reliable, pragmatic and loyal. Your dependable nature means you aren’t one to take unnecessary risks or be overly showy. However, your silence doesn’t mean you are easily ignored. You possess a quiet strength and a reserved demeanour that makes you naturally appealing and likeable to everyone you meet. While you may not be particularly showy, your fine taste means you value luxurious and opulent experiences. Grab a sporty, luxurious sedan that is just as reliable as you are, such as the Mazda 3 Hatch Sedan.


Aries, Taurus, Gemini


Not everyone is comfortable being in the car with a Cancer behind the wheel… You’re a bit of a hothead and can sometimes be a little overly-friendly with the horn. It’s not that you’re aggressive; it’s just that you like to move fast and hate feeling held back. Impulsive, energetic, and at times a little reckless, you are perfectly suited to a classic American muscle car (flame paint-job optional). While you’ll love being behind the wheel of a souped-up engine, don’t get too carried away.


Confident, enthusiastic, courageous: these are just some of the words people closest to you would use to describe you, possibly to your surprise. While you might feel a little self-conscious and anxious about your worth, people gravitate to your infectious optimism and playful nature. You probably don’t even notice that you turn heads when you walk in the room! Lean into this and get a car that is sleek, classic, and a little bit showy. How does a little red corvette sound to you?


A little bit imposing and effortlessly confident, you’re a hard one to miss, Virgo. Whether you’re passionately debating which is the best Quentin Tarantino movie or seamlessly managing a function, you thrive best when all eyes are on you. At times you can be a touch aggressive and people can struggle to keep up with you, but if given the freedom to explore and spread your wings there’s nothing you can’t do. Get yourself a military-like off-road vehicle that is just as bold and imposing as you are. Well, if you can get your hands on one.


Cancer, Leo, Virgo


When you set a goal, you achieve it – no matter how hard it is! Not only are you ambitious and disciplined, you are also a bit of a daydreamer. You often feel called to the great outdoors and a lot of your goals include adventurous activities like skydiving, surfing and rock-climbing. Perhaps you have a bit of a daredevil streak in you? Whatever it is, when you aren’t smashing goals in the office you’re out exploring the great outdoors, which is why the Mazda BT-50 is the perfect vehicle to keep you moving.


Still waters run deep, which is why it should come to no surprise that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to you, Scorpio. While mysterious, secretive, and at times aloof, you are actually incredibly passionate and loving. With Pluto as your ruling planet, you are one of the most intense star signs with a deep energy inside you. There’s more to you than people suspect, Scorpio – just like the versatile and understated Mazda CX-3.


Worldly, adventurous, and the life of the party, Sagittarius’ are often members of massive friendship groups – after all, Jupiter, their ruling planet, is the planet of expansion. Whether it’s throwing a house party or rallying everyone for a music festival, you’re the centre of all your social activities and often commit to more social events than you can fit on your calendar. With so many events and adventures to chase, get a big, spacious car that will fit all your friends as you go from activity to activity. The Mazda CX-9 will become the centre of all your social plans.


Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius


More than anything, you love exploring the great outdoors. You’re a bit of a free spirit and are a champion adventurer who is always chasing the next high – apt, as your ruling element is Earth. Interestingly, your adventurous nature isn’t exclusive to exploring national parks and flowing waterfalls. You’re just as courageous and curious in your career and are always striving for your next challenge, promotion, or success. Get yourself a sporty four-wheel drive that is just as powerful off-road when exploring the distant corners of Australia, as it is dominating city streets.


You’re a bit of a visionary, Aquarius, and your strong celestial-ties with nature means you are committed to humanitarian efforts. Whether you’re donating to a not-for-profit, door knocking for donations, or picketing for a cause, you’re dedicated to helping others. Combined with your progressive beliefs and curious nature, you should channel your world-saving dedication and opt for a hybrid car that will minimise your impact on the environment. Mazda’s SkyActiv Technology is changing the game when it comes to fuel-efficient vehicles and will help you improve the world one km at a time.


No one is more in touch with the environment than you are, Pisces. Whether you’re appreciating the grandeur of Mother Nature or daydreaming in the sunshine, you thrive when you are at one with nature. For this reason, you put the environment first with everything you do and are committed to preserving the ebb and flow of the natural energy around you. This is why you choose not to drive and instead opt for public transport. Good for you!


Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

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Article by Siobhan Taylor

Brisbane gal through and through, Siobhan is an avid cider-enthusiast and a keen believer in brunch (house deposit be damned). When she's not at the beach, she can be spotted lusting after makeup she can't afford, re-watching The Office (the US version, obviously) or annoying her friends with her insane astrology theories (she's an Aquarius, FYI).


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