We Chat To Two Highly Successful Business People About Their Greatest Lessons

We Chat To Two Highly Successful Business People About Their Greatest Lessons

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By Guest Styler | 6th August 2018

Everyone starts their journey to success in a different way, but for many, it’s a love and drive for what they do that carries them there. For Maxine Horne and Karl Brown, it was a drive to prove themselves and prove others wrong that allowed them to succeed. As working professionals, they’ve both jumped over hurdles to get where they are today, facing a number of challenges and setbacks. We spoke to them about their greatest lesson in life, and how they used it to make their greatest achievements.

Maxine Horne: My Greatest Lesson Is… Pushing The Boundaries


“I love helping to solve problems, and find motivation in creating, building, and problem solving for customers, fixing things and proving to others that it can be done. I find it challenging when told ‘you can’t do that!’ It reminds me of when we first started Vita, or Fone Zone as we were known back then. Everyone told us it wouldn’t work and no one would ever go to a shopping centre to buy a mobile phone. I immediately wanted to prove them wrong. Which I did.

“Vita has recently launched SQDAthletica, bridging the gap in the activewear market when it comes to men’s only activewear brands. SQDAtheltica is about encouraging men to take accountability for their own wellbeing.

“I’m really looking forward to building our presence as a leader in this sector, as well as continuing to grow our established suite of brands by continuing to push through boundaries.

“I always say, ‘There’s always a way, you just need to find it.’ I think that, as well as being surrounded by a strong team, inspires and drives me to keep pushing to set the bar even higher. I’m extremely motivated by talented people and really love to help others to be the best they can be – that’s where I get my buzz.”

Karl Brown: My Greatest Lesson Is… Thinking Outside The Box


“A few years ago I was setback in my own career and decided I would not go back to the corporate sales life. I decided the only way forward was to set my own path, so decided to look for solar opportunities to pursue. I’d been interested in solar for many years simply due to seeing a number of installations around Brisbane, and wanted to build a company around a product that was great for the environment, but also sold itself.

“We decided to believe in the product, and trusted that being different was more important than being better. In order to do this, we had to out think the competition, analysing them to make sure we were different, rather than a direct copy.

“The first ever website that went live for Instyle Solar had ‘We Operate Differently’ spread across the entire site, with a financial focused sales approach being the key difference that set us apart. People buy our products because their end goal is a lower electricity bill, not because they like how they look.

“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, knowing that I could do something different or be better in every position I’ve found myself in. I’m always pushing for change, and find I get bored very easily. I need to constantly be moving forward and working towards something.”

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