Business Cards - your conversation cue

Business Cards - your conversation cue

pdpr. marketing and creative talk the importance of business cards, and the message they send.

By Guest Styler | 2nd March 2015

Traditionally used to announce the arrival of prosperous European aristocracy, a business (or calling) card’s role has fundamentally changed little over time – however it is still used to introduce a person, deliver a snapshot of their offering and in many ways, create that all important first impression.

While a luxuriously thick velum stock may say classic, enduring style, a bright neon print will scream fun frivolity. Today however, the paper stock is only the beginning. For example, you can choose to go all out with a credit-card style card embedded with chip technology that provides additional information whether it be a resume, or for others like musicians, MP3 clips of their work. Then there are the options of stainless steel cards (particularly great for luxury car dealers). Alternatively beer merchants could have theirs printed on coasters, whilst horticulturalists may want to utilise a handmade paper which has been embedded with seeds for an eco green solution.

And of course it’s imperative to not forget etiquette. The way you give and receive a card alters drastically in other countries, for example in China, a card should be given with both hands and received and studied dutifully. In India meanwhile, cards should be given and received only with the right hand. For ritual-laden Japan, the process is complex with business cards exchanged with great ceremony. For a start, cards must be received with two hands, but given with only one. During a meeting, the business cards should be placed on the table in front of you and once completed, the card placed in a card case or portfolio.

While things in Australia are a lot more casual, your card will always be a reflection of you and your business. pdpr. marketing and creative can help make the right first impression, just ask us for your perfect solution!

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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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